2016 World Marathon Championships information

The World Championships this year are in Brandenburg, Germany from 13th-18th September. Last year our GB team won two medals in a championship dominated by Hungary, but based on form so far this season we can look forward to even better performances and more visits to the podium in 2016.

The Masters World Cup takes place on 13th and 14th, details can be downloaded here.

The ICF World Championships takes place from 16th-18th, details here.

Update on safety incident at Worcester Marathon

Thank you all who replied with information regarding the Worcester incident. Reports have been submitted to BC and the MRC will consider the issues that arose.

It was I think an object lesson for all of us who are race organisers and competitors alike. Essentially a young, capable paddler got into difficulty at the turn and after losing consciousness in the water had to be rescued by the turn marshals; who had to leave their boat and get into the river to pull the youngster to eventual safety. He was then attended to by the emergency services.

The quick action of Jon Cave and Dave Wood from Worcester and the assistance provided by another competitor, Tony Spencer of Hereford, averted a potentially much more serious outcome. They should be congratulated by us all. The Worcester emergency action plan worked well. The marshals communicated quickly with race control and assistance was summoned.

It highlights for us how important our risk assessment and emergency actions plans are and also how important it is to make sure that our fellow competitors are safe when we are on the course.

The youngster was wearing a buoyancy aid.


European Champs and World Cup travel information

GB team travel info for the European Championships in Pontevedra, Spain is as follows:-
Junior and U23 crews: Out on Tuesday 28 June, racing Thursday and Friday, back on Saturday 2 July (so able to race at Nottingham on Sunday 3 July if needed)
Senior crews: Out on Thursday 30 June, racing Saturday and Sunday, back on Monday 4 July

World Cup, Prado, Portugal:-
Team travels out on Thursday 28th July, racing Friday & Saturday (short course), Sunday (long course), back on Monday 1st August

Important information for potential 2016 GB marathon team competitors

If you wish to be considered for an international team this year, please make sure you have done the following!

1. Fill in an Availability Form (the deadline for the European Champs and World Cup is 15 MAY! – not 1st as shown on the form)

2. Check your passport expiry date. Athletes selected will be asked for their  passport info immediately, so we can provide the new Advance Passenger Information needed for tickets. Getting a new passport just before you travel is no longer an option and we may have to de-select athletes without a valid passport.

3. Read the Guide to GB Team Assessment, it’s full of useful tips on how to work your way up to GB team selection.

National Marathon Squad K2 training day

In preparation for the doubles assessment race at Burton on 12th June, the MRC will be organising a training day for K2s at Elmbridge CC on Saturday 21st May (8.30-15.00). This is open to athletes in the Marathon Training Squad, plus any athletes paddling K2 with someone in the squad. To make the day as useful and competitive as possible, we will also accept entries from crews not in the training squad who intend to enter an assessment class at Burton.

Please compete the form below to register

Fill out my online form.