GB Marathon Team Staff

We are looking for more volunteers willing to travel with the GB Marathon team to internationals as members of the staff, particularly female staff members and/or those willing to drive a team minibus (aged 25+)

With no paid staff, the GB Marathon team couldn’t exist without its volunteers from clubs and individuals all over the country. In return for free time and effort, you can be part of this medal-winning team and support our inspirational and successful young athletes.

A typical international trip will involve two or three staff flying out with the athletes, and two more doing the overland drive with the boat trailer. For a three-day ICF event, we’re away for between five and seven days.

If you’re interested in being part of this, please email David Enoch to find out more.

GB Team for Waterlands Marathon 2015

The Selection Committee has chosen a team of fourteen athletes to represent Great Britain at the Waterlands Marathon in Amsterdam on 18th April. This race has quickly earned a reputation as one of the fastest in the world, as the organisers sponsor the top K1s from the previous World Championships to attend, so it will be a daunting international debut for many of our team.

This event is designated as a “development” event in our selection policy, for athletes who have not yet raced at a major international in their current class, but who are on track to do so in the near future.

The team features athletes from nine different clubs, demonstrating how strong the competition is nationally for GB team places. Congratulations to all those selected, especially Chelmsford CC who earned five places, and good luck to all British athletes racing as part of the team or as a private entry.

A Butler (LON)
R Poole (LBZ)

D Johnson (CLM)
J Childerstone (WEY)
L Duffield (CLM)
M Johnson (CLM)
T Lusty (SOL)
R McMullen (ELM)
P Wilkes (CLM)

D Strong (CLM)

W Smithson (RLS)
J Westwood (WEY)
T Morris (FOX)
D Hatton (CHE)

Secretary, Marathon Racing Committee

After several years in the post, Diane Bates has decided to stand down this summer so there will be a vacancy on the MRC and a post of Secretary to be filled. The role is as first contact to the MRC, record keeper, sending out of papers for meetings and keeping the minutes. Please note that the job does not involve the editorship of the Racing Handbook! If to want to know more, please download these details or contact Diane.

In all there will be 7 posts available at the Annual Consultative Meeting in August, held at the Nationals in Norwich, so if you want more influence in how your sport is run than a Facebook comment can give you, now’s your chance!

Diane Bates

Gent Marathon 2015

Following a series of regional training days across the country this winter, the MRC development coaches have shortlisted the following 20 athletes to be invited to the Gent marathon in Belgium on 28th March:-

Ella Beatty BSF
Maia Wallace-Loizou LEA
Eloise Hall LBZ
Emma Russell CLM
Tim Gannicott-Porter CLM
Maia Wallman ROY
Samantha Martyn WEY
Sophie Thompson WEY
Lucy Tozer WEY
Chris Carson WEY
Juan Gearing CLM
Joseph Webb RIC
Kate Clark FOX
Madi Barnicoat FOX
Lucy Hield FOX
David Stubbs FOX
Arthur Urquhart BAN
George Harris FOX
Harriet Quigley WYC
Matthew Collinge FOY

The purpose of the annual trip to Gent is to offer international experience to young paddlers who may make the full GB team in the next few years. For those who have missed out this year, this is not a reflection of your performances, you may just need to wait another year as the number of applicants far exceeds the number of places. Invitations are based on a combination of age, performance and commitment, NOT a judgement on who is going fastest. We prioritise under 15s and 16s, and some u17s are also invited where they missed out last year.

Thameside 2 Fast K1/Assessment Race Start

The MRC is considering verbal complaints about yesterday’s Fast K1 start at Thameside 2, despite what was otherwise another great event by Reading CC.

Given our collective desire to improve the quality of starts, it is clear that our guidance and organisers’ plans need to be more robust when dealing with large starts, particularly on fast flowing water where moving competitors can very quickly escape from the starter’s control. Our responsibility is collective: competitors behaving fairly and within the rules, race organisers planning for the conditions, and the MRC issuing guidance and ensuring rules are followed (in this case from page F16 of the Racing Handbook as the race was classified as an Assessment)

The decision to penalise or disqualify individual competitors for false or pushed starts should remain one for the race organiser, and in this case the vast majority of competitors on this start have been recorded as disqualified, although finish positions have been published on the Reading website. The selection of a GB development team for the Waterlands Marathon is being based on performances at national and regional training days over the winter as well as this race, so will not be substantially altered by yesterday’s events.

For those unfairly affected by yesterday’s events we apologise on behalf of all the parties involved, and will endeavour to avoid similar outcomes in future. The perfect start however can only be obtained through good organisation and fair behaviour from competitors.

Preventing the spread of non-native water species and disease

The Waterways and Environment Team at British Canoeing are keen to educate paddlers on the risks of non native species in our rivers and canals and how best to prevent them spreading.

With regard to the use of disinfection – there is no disinfectant that has been tested on non native species…therefore there are no guarantees for any disinfection to be effective to prevent the spread of these species. The following should be adopted where it is practical and reasonable to do so:

Check all your equipment and clothing for living organisms and plants fragments. Pay particular attention to areas that are damp and hard to inspect.

Clean and wash all equipment, clothing and footwear thoroughly away from water source… Wash down on site using available clean fresh water and leave any organisms or plant fragments at the water body where you found them OR on a hard standing or grass area away from a water source or drain system.

Completely dry out all equipment and clothing before going to a new site – particularly effective at killing crayfish plague fungal spores. Some species can live for many days in damp conditions

If any paddlers have specific questions relating to this issue please contact Richard Atkinson at British Canoeing

Race Organisers Info 2015

Race Organisers registered in the Racing Calendar should now have received their copy of the Racing Handbook and the attached letter which details the changes for 2015-16.

Please email Diane Bates if you are a registered Race Organiser and haven’t received your copy of the Handbook. If you are not a Race Organiser and would like a copy, these can be acquired for £9 from Marsport or by sending a cheque payable to the BCU Racing Committee to:-

Diane Bates, Waterloo Barn, Laughton Hill, Stonesfield OX29 8DY