Nationals Promotions & Requesting Demotions

The Rankings Officer has now done all promotions in K1 following the National Marathon Championships. Please check and use these promotions for any races from now. The rankings list will not be able to be updated in time for this weekend’s races.
Some promotions to Lightning paddlers have been made following the Under 12 races. Please note Rule 57c)

Paddlers who are promoted to Division 8 or higher from any race in the Under 12 categories at the National Championships are allowed to race in the Geoff Sanders competition at that year’s Hasler Final. They will not be eligible to compete in the following season’s Geoff Sanders Series

No demotions were suggested in the results from the National Marathon Championships but any paddler/Team Leader wanting to recommend demotions following the event should contact their Regional Marathon Adviser. The RMA can then forward these to Roland for confirmation.

Norwich CC win National Championships Team Trophies

Congratulations to the winners of the National Championships Team Trophy Norwich Canoe Club and runners up Nottingham and Richmond. Also congratulations to Norwich, Banbury, Leighton Buzzard first, second and third respectively in the Lightning team competition.

The Spanish House and Spanish Galleon along with the team plates will be presented at the September Sprint regatta, on Sunday at around 1:30pm after the presentation of the Sprint regatta trophies (scheduled for after race 275 at 1:20pm).

GB Team for 2014 Marathon World Championships

Following a season of assessment races and internationals, the GB team for the 2014 World Marathon Championships in Oklahoma has been named as follows:-

K1: Lizzie Broughton (RIC)
K2: Fay Lamph (WEY) and Lizzie Broughton; Sam Rees-Clark (B3C) and Amy Ward (ELM)
U23K1: Sam Rees-Clark

K1: Ed Rutherford (ELM); Keith Moule (CLM)
K2: Tim Pendle (NOR) and Andy Daniels (LON)
U23K1: Sam Plummer (LBZ); Nick Romain (RIC)

K1: Elise Piercy (ELM)

K1: Magnus Gregory (LON); Zyggy Chmiel (NOT)
K2: Ed Haws (WEY) and Jack Childerstone (WEY); Luke Harding (LON) and Magnus Gregory

Congratulations to all the athletes selected, as well as their coaches and the nine clubs who have helped them to achieve this.

Racing is from 25-28 September.

Sella Descent 2014 – Entry issues/problems

It is apparent that for one reason or another a very small number of the  50 or so British paddlers competing in this years event had complaints about their categories or numbers prior to the race.   The MRC are in discussion with the BCU Competition Manager to try and ensure that in future all British participants provide (fully)  the correct information requested, it is clearly presented to the race administration and that everyone achieves the entry they desire.   He aim will be eliminate all issues in the future years.  It should be noted that a new race administration team were responsible for entries in Spain this year which may also have contributed to some of the problems that arose.