Marathon Racing Committee nominations

Nominations are invited for election to the Marathon Racing Committee of British Canoeing

Candidates must be Full Individual Members of BC.
Nominations of candidates for election at the Annual Consultative Meeting (23rd July at the National Championships in Reading) shall be made to the Secretary of the Committee in writing supported by the signatures of two Full Individual Members of the BCU and must reach the Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the Annual Consultative Meeting (i.e. 9th July)

Members of the Committee shall serve for approximately two years and shall be eligible to stand for re-election at alternate Annual Consultative Meetings. Committee members are very active, and newly elected members should be prepared to assume a role within the committee to replace those retiring or not re-elected.

Elections are for 6 committee places as follows:

Chairman (For 1 year)

5 Committee Members (For 2 years)

British Canoeing nomination for ICF Canoe Marathon Committee

The ICF committees are all coming to the end of their 4 year cycle. After 34 years service on the ICF Canoe Marathon Committee, Alan Laws has decided to step down from his position, so the Marathon Committee is keen to hear from members who may be interested in seeking a British Canoeing nomination to this committee.

Alan has overseen the transformation of our sport on an international level, from the introduction of World Cups, to the ICF World Championships, and its development across five continents. ICF marathon competitions now enjoy a professional level of organisation, the participation of a record number of nations, and the involvement of the very best stars of canoe and kayak racing. As a sport we are hugely grateful for the contribution Alan has made, and it would be good to continue British involvement in the committee’s work.

Nominations to be a member of the ICF Canoe Marathon Committee need to be sent to British Canoeing by 1st August. If you would like to be considered, in the first instance you should talk to Stan Missen, MRC Chair.

The system works by the ICF Board appointing the members of the committee. In practice the Chairman of the committee tells the Board who he/she wants and it is rare for the Board to go against the suggested names.

Nominations for the Chairman of each of these committees is also open with the same closing date. This person is elected at the Congress and each nation there has one vote. In practical terms it is unusual for a new Chairman to be elected without having served on the committee.

Most committees meet at least once per year away from events as well as at events. The CAM meets in the spring, often but not always, in Europe. This year was in SA over 3 days. It also meets at the World Championships, usually only one full day. It would be expected of new committee members to attend at least two of the three main events in that year and three would be the norm. There is also a tacit requirement to have an ITO ticket for the discipline. There is usually free accommodation at European and World Championships for the CAM members but no assistance for travel. BC MRC provide a subsidy for ITOs [and this would include CAM members] of the division of £1,500 between the ITOs and their various trips.


80th Descenso del Sella – international entries

If you wish to take part in the 2016 Sella Descent, you need to register via the official website and follow the instructions below

This year there is an on-line system, where individuals and clubs can enter there own details and entries and make payment

For club – Team we would recommend entering the following ‘British Canoeing/ Any Town Canoe Club’

Regarding Seeding tick No – unless you finished in the top 10 last year – British Canoeing will get 2 seeded spots for K1 and K2 and make these selections once entries are submitted. This decision will be made by Dyson Pendle on behalf of the MRC, and you should also use his name as Team Leader on the form.

Once all entries are submitted and entries closed – British Canoeing will liaise with the event organisers to confirm that entries form British Canoeing are eligible to compete (i.e are current members) and issue the letters of authority required by the event organisers.

GB Team for European Championships

The following team have been selected to represent Great Britain at the European Championships in Pontevedra, Spain from 29 June to 4 July:-

Fay Lamph (Wey)/Lizzie Broughton (RIC)

Lizzie Broughton (RIC)

Keith Moule (CLM)

Tim Pendle (NOR)/Andy Daniels (LON)
James Russell (CLM)/Pete Wilkes (CLM)

Lewis Duffield (CLM)
Zyggy Chmiel (NOT)

Alex Lane (LON)

Freya Peters (RIC)/Emma Russell (CLM)

Charlie Smith (LBZ)
Joe Petersen (BAN)

GB Team for Marathon World Cup

The following athletes have been selected to represent Great Britain at the ICF Marathon World Cup in Portugal from 28th July to 1st August:-

David Hatton (CHE)
Oscar McKittrick (ELM)
Luke Shaw (NOR)
Chris Carson (WEY)

Harriet Quigley (BOA)
Flo Duffield (NOR)
Bronte Holden (FOY)
Hafsa Kabeer (LON)

Mike Goodall (ELM)
Nick Romain (RIC)

Assessment Races and wash riding other classes

Please note – a recent assessment race has highlighted the need to be extra clear about wash hanging or interfering with any other boat or competitor who is not in your own class/race. Participants should already be very clear that anything that may be construed as interference, such as wash hanging or assisting another crew will result in disqualification of all involved, if proven.

The MRC selection committee’s recommendation is that when taking part in an assessment race, athletes being caught up by those in other classes should show good sporting behaviour by staying at least 3m clear, and giving up the racing line to avoid any suggestion that any advantage was gained by either party.