Planet Canoe 2014 – ICF e-zine

The ICF have published their 2014 e-zine Planet Canoe, including a review of the 2014 World Championships, an article on Tony Estanguet (you should know who he is!), Tim Brabants (ditto…?), Fernando Fernandes (you soon will), and the Dusi.

Here’s hoping their short article on the DW isn’t fortune telling, as it states “April showers caused almost 30 percent of the 450 entries in the 200km long Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race to fail to complete the course”. The copy must have been on the slow train to Lausanne as the race in question was 13 months ago. In March. And it was snow not rain.

ICF Marathon Newsletter April 2014

The ICF’s quarterly marathon newsletter includes details of:-

The new World Cups short-course competition

For K1s/C1s only, this will feature 3.6km races that include 3 turns and 2 portages in a (hopefully) fast and furious attempt to qualify for a final of 10 boats.

Major competition calendar to 2018

Including a return to Gyor in 2015, where GB has enjoyed a successful history, and out to Pietermaritzburg for the 2017 Worlds.

Longridge national team training day race results

Longridge training day, 5 April 2014

Here are the results from Saturday’s training day races for athletes in the current GB and BCU development teams. These times are not being used for international selection, but coaches and athletes may find them useful as a steer to relative performances at this stage of the season.

The first set are times from the 3 single international lap races (3.75km, one portage, 2 turns)

The second set are the final positions from the new world cup style knockout races (c. 3.6km, 2 portages, 3 turns)

BCU Team for Waterlands Marathon

The following team has been selected to race under BCU colours at the Waterlands Marathon on Easter Saturday. Athletes will receive more details the week after next.

Magnus Gregory
Albert Hicks
John o’Grady
Sam Plummer
Nick Romain
Shaune Walsh
Mark Wilkes
Paul Yates

Luke Bowyer
James Russell
Trevor Thompson
Kayne Wilkinson

Emma Horner
Jenny Swallow

Melvin Swallow
Sarah Akerman
Phil Gunney
Dave Sackman

Racing and Buoyancy Aids

Those racing Waterside B at the weekend will be required to wear buoyancy aids by the race organisers.

The Marathon Racing Rules for Competition clearly state that Race Organisers have the final say as to whether buoyancy aids shall be worn, and who must wear them. The penalty for breaking this or any safety rule is disqualification.

Race Organisers may ask any competitor not complying with these requirements to withdraw, before or during the race, and to refuse to record that competitor’s time. If a paddler refuses to leave the course, he or she may be referred to the MRC for consideration of further disciplinary action, as their decision will have implications for the organisers’ ability to support the other competitors.

Our events are dependent on the consent of governing bodies like the Canal & Rivers Trust, and BCU insurance stipulations. The paddling community must ensure that these events are not put at risk by individuals ignoring the rules and race organisers.

BCU Cards and Race Entry

For some considerable time we have been trying to find a solution to the old problem of ‘ I’ve lost my BCU card….but I am a member, really!!’

For data protection and admin reasons it has not been possible to download from BCU central records the information that race organisers need so your card has to be shown at each race. Whilst we know that there are plans to try and rectify this at central level timescales are uncertain.

The MRC have therefore taken steps to change the HRM system to show not only your BCU number but also vitally your membership expiry date. So in future when you book in at a race you will be asked to show your card and the expiry date will be committed to the system. Once proved and on the HRM you should find that race organisers ( or those that use the HRM system at least! ) will not require to see your card until the expiry date flashes red!!! Remember if it does flash red and you have not a valid new card to show they will, depending upon your division either refuse entry or you will have to buy a day ticket at £5.

Whilst we recognise that this will mean a little more effort in the first instance it will save considerable time as the season progresses….and should stop all those moans about having to repeatedly show your membership card. Most importantly it will of course show that you are covered for event insurance purposes and enjoying the benefit of the river and canal group licence.

Race cancellations and alternative events

Message from Stan Missen, MRC Chairman

We are hardly into the start of the season and unfortunately the weather has caused race cancellations and concerns over other events.

The Waterside organisers have been proactive and sensible in taking decisions and publicising them early enough for other arrangements to be put in place. Please see their website regarding race B and keep yourself updated as matters develop.

We note that a number of clubs have suggested that they run alternative events and it is good to have options available. Sadly however, there have been a few adverse comments circulating about the suitability or otherwise of some of the suggested alternative venues. We hope that the flooding will not cause further races to be cancelled but we must be realistic and accept that this could still be a possibility.

So…..the MRC co-ordinate the annual racing calendar, and should further cancellations be necessary please could prospective race organisers for replacement events ensure that they contact us in the first instance if they are willing and able to offer an alternative venue. In this way we can ensure, as far as is possible, that we can avoid any conflicts occurring between clubs or venues going forward. Thank you.