A new strategic plan for British Canoeing

A chance to have your say

Final stage survey

We are now in the final stages of developing the strategy for canoeing for the next four years. The plan has been developed from extensive consultation over the past four months to which you contributed and have played an important role in helping to shape this final draft.
The plan sets out the direction for the whole sport for the next four years, to make the sport stronger in 2021 than it is right now – to build on our existing strengths and address the challenges and opportunities .

It presents our purpose, vision and ambitions; together with measures and actions. There are national actions for the UK areas of the sport as well as the English delivery work of British Canoeing, plus suggested regional actions and club/centre actions. The measures will have clear targets set in the final draft.

We do hope that you will take part in this final consultation. We recognise it is long – so please feel free to answer the sections that are most interest you.