British Canoeing

Canoeing & Kayaking is now organised by separate bodies for each of the Home Nations. Their respective websites include details of their activities including clubs, disciplines, coaching, safety and child protection.

Canoe England  |  Canoe Association of Northern Ireland  |  Scottish Canoe Association | Canoe Wales


Race Organisers Please Note

Canoe England is discontinuing “Comprehensive” and “Basic” memberships and will have instead just one class of membership.
The changes apply to new members from 1st June 2011 and to existing members from 1st July 2011.
There are four categories of membership:

The new categories are –
Adult (age 23 and over)
Young Person (18 – 22)
Youth (under 18)
Family membership (Includes one or two adult memberships

From 1st July Canoe England will no longer be issuing the licences to stick on boats: showing the membership card will be sufficient.

Enquiries on membership should be addressed to Canoe England telephone 0845 370 9500.