GB Team Assessment Race #1, 22nd April

Entry deadline 17th April! No pre-entry, no race.

The MRC is holding the first GB Team assessment race on Easter Monday, 22nd April at Reading CC. In line with the 2019 Selection Policy, this is a multi-event assessment day comprising a short race, long race and time trial (for seniors only on this occasion).

This event is the sole assessment event for the World Cup, and German Nationals teams.

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RACE ENTRY and AVAILABILITY FORM for these internationals are both via the same online form here.

Assessment 1 Reading 2019

Selection policy for 2019: guidance for athletes, coaches and parents

The MRC has conducted a review of its international strategy and selection policy, and made some changes with the aims of:-

  • making the selection processes and athlete “pathways” clearer; and
  • increasing the opportunities for top senior athletes to progress by competing abroad.

This document summarises the policy and changes for 2019. It is not the Selection Policy, and must be considered as GUIDANCE ONLY. The full policy is published on the MRC website here:  MRC Selection Policy 2019 final, and details the full process, team composition, selection criteria, eligibility and appeals process.

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Elmbridge Assessment Race results

At its May meeting, the MRC discussed the issue of paddlers not wearing club vests at the Elmbridge Assessment Race, following the rule change at the start of the season that made this compulsory.

Following feedback from athletes, we recognised that the rule change had not been communicated clearly enough to justify a disqualification for those not complying at that event. As a result the results have now been re-published to show all finish times as well as placings. The full results of the Elmbridge Assessment were also taken into account at the selection meetings to decide teams for the German National Championships and World Cup.

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Team for German National Championships

Following assessment races at Thameside 2 and Elmbridge, the MRC Selection Committee has chosen the following development team to race at the German National Championships in Kessel, on 12-13 May.

Athletes will race in both singles and doubles race according to their age group.

Senior/U23 Women
Maia Wallace-Loizou (RIC)/Anoushka Freeman (RIC)

Junior Women
Amber Cox (ELM)/Flossie Ball (DEV)
Zoe Hurrell (ADS)/Molly Carter (ROY)

Senior/U23 Men
Joe Petersen (BAN) / Matt Johnson (CLM)

Junior Men
Tim Gannicott-Porter (CLM) / Alex McIntyre (CLM)
Ryan Ingham (WEY )/Alex Bicknell (WEY)

Team Manager: Phil Gunney (WEY)
Simon Petersen (BAN)
Brian Greenham (RDG)
Kerry Duff (NOR)

Assessment Races for 2018

The MRC Selection Committee has decided on the following Assessment Races for 2018. Venues could be subject to change after discussion with race organisers:

25 Feb Thameside 2, Reading (K2/C2)
25 March Elmbridge (K1/C1)
Following this race, selection of the GB team for the German National Championships

6 May Worcester (K1/C1)
Following this race, selection of the GB team for World Cup 1

20 May Nottingham (K2/C2)
10 June Maidstone (K2/C2)
Following this race, selection of the GB team for the European Championships, and International K4 Cup

21-22 July, National Championships, Reading (K1, K2, C1, C2)
Following this race, selection of the GB team for the World Championships, and (by 30th July) for the French National Championships.

Joint statement from Sprint and Marathon Selection Committees

The Sprint and Marathon International Panels would like to clarify the following points regarding the selection process for the 2017 ICF Canoe Sprint Senior World Championships, 2017 ECA Canoe Sprint Senior European Championships and the 2017 ICF World Canoe Marathon Championships.

  1. Nominations for selection for the 5K events at the 2017 ICF Canoe Sprint Senior World Championships and the ECA Canoe Sprint European Championships will be primarily based on results of the 5K events at the 2017 June National Regatta.
  2. Nominations for selection for all other ICF Canoe Sprint Senior World Championships and ECA Canoe Sprint European Championships events will be primarily based on results at the 2017 July National Regatta.
  3. To be eligible for selection for the ICF World Canoe Marathon Championships, it is NOT a requirement that athletes compete at the ECA European Canoe Marathon Championships. This applies to the Junior, U23 and Senior categories.

Alan Laws, Chair of the Canoe Marathon International Panel
Paul Dimmock, Chair of the Canoe Sprint International Panel.

Assessment Races and wash riding other classes

Please note – a recent assessment race has highlighted the need to be extra clear about wash hanging or interfering with any other boat or competitor who is not in your own class/race. Participants should already be very clear that anything that may be construed as interference, such as wash hanging or assisting another crew will result in disqualification of all involved, if proven.

The MRC selection committee’s recommendation is that when taking part in an assessment race, athletes being caught up by those in other classes should show good sporting behaviour by staying at least 3m clear, and giving up the racing line to avoid any suggestion that any advantage was gained by either party.