England Racing Skills Day hosted at Worcester Canoe Club

Worcester Canoe Club in partnership with British Canoeing are delighted to be running a racing skills day on Saturday 17 March 2018 at Worcester Canoe Club.

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This is the second of the Racing Skills Programme (RSP) days. The first Racing Skills day which took place at Reading Canoe Club last month was a great success with coaches, athletes and parents coming away from the day very positive. The whole idea of the RSP is to encourage those athletes who love to paddle whether it be in Sprint, Marathon, WWR, Paddle Ski etc and who would like to develop their skills in different environments whilst meeting different paddlers and coaches to learn from each other.

Racing skills looks to bring coaches, athletes and parents together to share knowledge and to allow those to be better informed to aid the growth of the young paddler in a fun and inventive way. This day will mostly be aimed at athletes aged 12-18 years old.

There is no one way to develop talent and with the knowledge within the room, there could be a coach who could help you with any thoughts or challenges you may have as a club coach.

The Theme of the day:

For Coaches and Athletes
Training zones – What are we trying to achieve by training at different training zones?

What would different sessions look like and how do you know if you are achieving the desired outcome for each of your sessions? This 2 hour workshop will give you an 18 month update to your CPD.


There will be a 45 min presentation once the athletes have started their 1st Session.

Please see here for information on the upcoming racing skills day and please click here for more details about the England Racing Skills Programme, to register an interest in this day please use the online registration form.

Any questions relating to the England Racing Skills Programme should be directed to Mark Hoile (Talent Pathway Manager – Canoe Sprint), or contact Daniel Thompson for any administrative questions you may have.