Pre-Season Notice for Race Organisers and Team Leaders

Team leaders, race organisers and paddlers are reminded that:

  • Entries should be made using HRM using the most recent Ranking List where at all possible, as this will enable up to date rankings in most cases
  • The rankings on the official results, published on the MRC website, are the ones to take note of (all other results are provisional only)
  • D? notices on results need activation by team leaders via RMAs if they are appropriate, before they will be applied. They are NOT automatic.
  • Applications to adjust published rankings should be made by team leaders through RMAs with appropriate evidence
  • Race organisers – The completed HRM file with results should be forwarded to your Regional Marathon Advisor (RMA) by the Tuesday after your event with CC to the Ranking Officer, the Race Records Officer & Jo Bates
  • Also please note the addition to the recommended start order:

With the addition of Div 3 K2, an adjustment to Rule 4 is necessary as show below. A further review of the recommended start order is taking place and in some circumstances, organisers may have good reason to make adjustments to the order to avoid races interfering with each other. It is strongly recommended that sufficient time gap between starts is allowed, to minimise the effect.

Rule 4a)   The following is the recommended start order. Not all these classes will necessarily run at any one race.

Division 1 K2

Division 2 K2

Division 1 K1

Division 3 K2

Division 2 K1

Division 4 K2

Division 3 K1

Division 5 K2

Division 4 K1

Division 6 K2

Division 5 K1

Division 7 K2

Division 6 K1

Division 8 K2

Division 7 K1

Division 9 K2

Division 8 K1

Division 9 K1