Changes to Rules applying to Regional Hasler Events to take effect from 1st September 2016

During the course of the 2015/2016 season there have been a number of concerns about combining Divisions when races are not quorate, particularly with regards to Div 2_2 K2s. In order to respond to some of these issues, the MRC are making the following adjustments to the rules for regional Hasler races. These will apply for the start of the season as follows:

Introduction of Division 3_3 K2

For the forthcoming season, Division 3_3 K2 of 12 miles will be introduced. All other Divisions will remain the same as last season. (This will change Rule 24.)

20km     K1 Divisions 1, 2, 3            K2 Divisions 2_2, 3_3

13km     K1 Divisions 4, 5, 6            K2 Divisions 4_4, 5_5, 6_6

6.5km K1 Divisions 7, 8, 9              K2 Divisions 7_7, 8_8, 9_9

(All distances approximate.)

Combining races for inquorate Divisions in both K1 & K2

When there are less than 3 boats in a Division the following should happen:

  1. The inquorate race should be combined with another race with these conditions
    1. If a division is inquorate it should be started with the closest ranked quorate division of the same distance if this is possible. (If not, it will need combining and starting with a lower division.)
    2. If more than one consecutive division is inquorate, they should be combined to make a quorate race.
    3. Races made of combined divisions should be started together.
    4. The combined races should be kept separate in the HRM system from now onward.
  2. The points and any promotions/demotions are affected as follows:
    1. As the races are only combined for starting purposes, there is no effect on points, promotions or demotions. These will be awarded on the same basis as if the races were quorate and started separately.

This will change Rule 27 and have bearing on other related rules. Rule 26 still applies.

The MRC considered a number of measures to address the concerns and have altered the rules to try and respond to them. It is recognised that no change can take account of the widely varying circumstances from one region to another and that race organisers together with Regional Marathon Advisors will still be called upon to apply the rules in a way that is both possible and within the intention of them.

It will still be the case that some divisions will be inquorate particularly in smaller regions. In the past, where clubs have communicated with each other about entering events, particularly in higher divisions, inquorate entries leading to combined races have largely been avoided.  This practice is to be commended, particularly in upper Divisions.

As the alterations to the rules require inquorate races to be combined for starts, but remain separate in the HRM system and on results, the MRC wish to reiterate the hope that prizes are awarded in the spirit of Rule 29) as we know many organisers already do.

Appropriate rules will be reworded for the 2017 handbook.