Club Point Adjustments

*Clarified 27/06/18

Please be aware that it has been the policy of the MRC for several years, not to adjust Club Points as a result of promotions or demotions made after the official results have been published on the MRC Website.

*In practice, this means that only promotions decided by the race management system (not subsequently by the Rankings Officer) are included in points calculations. The Rankings Officer may have the opportunity to add promotions before the final results are published, but these shall not have an effect on club points.

Other circumstances include where a paddler is shown as promoted 2 divisions, and as a result of appeal with the provision of evidence by Team Leaders, the promotion is altered.

There are circumstances where the results may be adjusted between being published as Provisional Results at the event and published on the MRC Website as Official Results. These adjustments occur where special circumstances apply to a race that alter all times, or where errors have been discovered in positions recorded, or a disqualification made for such things as lack of BC Membership, or additional promotions added.

It is therefore important that organisers make every effort to produce Provisional Results and that Team Leaders look for errors in them before they appear on the MRC Website. If this occurs after the event, the Regional Marathon Advisor should be contacted quickly as processing is as rapid as possible.

Please be reminded that automatic promotions are not indicated on Provisional Results for all K2 classes and Divisions 2 – 4 K1 classes. These only appear on Official Results.