Fair, Shared and Sustainable Open Access

A reminder from British Canoeing:

For too long the right to paddle on or swim in our inland waters in England and Wales has been disputed.  Many special places are perceived to be ‘off limits’, with paddlers frequently subject to challenge or threats over their right to be there.

 It’s time this changed, and we need you to make it happen.

We are asking the Government to review current policy toward access on waters in England and Wales. This includes considering new legislation where necessary. Signing the petition will help us achieve this.

If you are passionate about protecting the places we paddle and ensuring our children and future generations can enjoy fair, shared access to all our waterways then please sign our petition today.

Fair, shared, sustainable open access. It’s not too much to ask for…is it?

For more information about the Clear Access, Clear Waters Campaign and to sign our petition, head to www.clearaccessclearwaters.org.uk NOW!