Development Team for French National Champs 2018

Congratulations to the following athletes, selected for the GB Development Team for the French National Championships:

U16 JM
K1 : Zac Tarver (ELM), Perry Lewis (WEY), Ethan Wilkinson WEY), Xavier Hinves (SOU).
K2 : Lewis/Wilkinson, Tarver/Hinves.

K1 : Katie Brookes (WOR), Flossie Ball (DEV), Rebecca Swift (WEY), Katy Walker (NOR).
K2 : Ball/Swift, Brookes/Walker.

U14 JM
K1 : Luca Ferri (ELM), Ben Cabrera (FOY).
K2 : Ferri/Cabrera.

U14 JW
K1 : Klara Jepson (FOX), Zara Bowers (ELM).
K2 : Jepson/Bowers.

Please contact Graham Warland for any queries relating to team travel, and Kat Wilson for queries relating to selection