British Canoeing Future Leaders programme

This autumn we are recruiting for the first wave of paddlers to join the British Canoeing Future Leaders programme – we want you to be part of this pioneering group.

We are looking for 20 or so passionate, enthusiastic, creative people who have an aspiration to take on a club, event, regional or national committee roles within the next 2-3 years and who have ideas on how events, regional and national committees should grow and improve canoeing.

It doesn’t matter what type of paddling you do or how good you are, just as long as you want to help make a difference to the sport and have both commitment and passion for the sport.

Here’s a quick summary of what the programme content will give:

  • Build influencing and networking skills
  • Learn how to build successful teams and running high quality meetings
  • Learn about British Canoeing and understand how volunteer committees work
  • Get a mentor to support and guide you
  • Have an opportunity to sit on one of the British Canoeing key committees and undertake a project (topics might include, access, environment, competitions, paddle-ability, international, event production, coaching, talent support, journalism…. The list is endless …the only limit will be the time it takes and convincing a national or regional committee to adopt your project)
  • In your second year a few of this year’s cohort will be invited to mentor and lead next year’s cohort.

The programme is for over 18’s and as its Sport England funded you will need to be based in England!

There are 2 weekends in Nottingham (the first scheduled for 17/18 November), mentoring and project placements with committees.

Expenses for the weekends are included as are travel expenses connected to the placements.

Here’s the website link

Please make an application… it will make a difference.

The closing date has been extended until Monday 17th September – so get your application in now!