GB Team for 2017 World Marathon Championships

The European Championships has ended with excellent performances across all classes contested. With the Worlds in South Africa this year, the MRC originally budgeted for only eight places, which would have resulted in some top athletes being denied the chance to compete at this level. We have decided therefore to allocate additional spending to accommodate more athletes with medal potential. There have still been some tough decisions, but the following athletes have been selected to race at the World Championships:-

SWK1 – Lani Belcher (ELM), Lizzie Broughton (RIC)
SWK2 – Belcher/Hayleigh Mason (NOT); Alex Lane (LON)/Broughton
U23WK1 – Alex Lane
JWK1 – Flo Duffield (NOR)
JWK2 – Freya Peters (RIC)/Emma Russell (CLM)
SMK1 – Keith Moule (CLM)
U23MK1 – Zyggy Chmiel (NOT); Magnus Gregory (LON)
JMK1 – Charlie Smith (LBZ)
JMK2 – Joe Petersen (BAN)/Oscar McKittrick (ELM)

Staff: Dyson Pendle (Team Manager); Ali Pendle (both NOR)