GB Team for World Cup and German Nationals

Following the Assessment Event on Monday 22nd April, the following athletes have been selected to represent Great Britain at the World Cup in Oslo, and at the German National Championships:

WORLD CUP (all senior singles)
Jane Swarbreck (RIC)
Lizzie Polgreen (FOX)
Tim Pendle (NOR)
Matt Johnson (CLM)
Conor Peters (NOT)
Joe Petersen (BAN)
Albert Hicks (NOR)
Tim Gannicott Porter (CLM)

Will Scammell (ELM)
Francis Huntingford (EXE)
Dougal Glaisher (NOT)
Alex McIntyre (CLM)
Melissa Johnson (CLM)
Anoushka Freeman (RLS)
Anna Palmer (RDG)
Tim Dowden (NOR)

Flossie Ball (DEV)
Katy Walker (NOR)
Ethan Wilkinson (WEY)
Ben Cabrera (FOY)

A copy of the results used to guide these selections can be found here

Any questions about the process should be directed to the Chair of the Selection Committee, James Smythe

Appeals will be considered if raised within 48 hours of publication of these results, in line with the Selection Policy. Please contact James Smythe in case of appeal.