Gent Marathon 2017 BC athlete development team


Photo of the Gent team from 2012

On 25th March, a team of 19 young British athletes will be taking part in the 2017 Blaarmersen Marathon race in Gent, Belgium. Each year, the Marathon Committee’s athlete development team shortlists applications to invite a group of young athletes to be part of this event.

Those invited in 2017 are:-

Katie Brookes WOR
Molly Carter ROY
Esme Davison BAN
Molly Ede NOR
Melody Hills RIC
Kate Hipkins LON
Manon Kilvington ADS
Ellen Slack ROY
Rebecca Swift WEY
Rory Stewart ADS
Pascal Bauer WOR
Matthew Hinves SOU
Andras Kereszturi EAL
Perry Lewis WEY
Jordan Martyn WEY
Joshua Murad NOR
Joseph Rosenfeld EAL
Will Scammell LON
Thomas Steer FOW

As usual, we’ve not been able to allocate every applicant a place this time, as we only have 19 places available for 43 applicants. This is a very difficult decision every year, as we know the young athletes enjoy and benefit from the trip immensely. As the Gent team is not a standard GB representative team, we are not “selecting” the fastest 19 paddlers: the event is organised to invite a group of U15/U16 paddlers, who are showing progress, form and commitment, to try a first experience of being part of a team abroad and preparing for a race in an overseas environment.

For those unsuccessful this time, but still within the target U15/U16 age band next year, we would encourage you to apply again next time. This year we have included a few who missed out in 2016. For those U17 and older, we would encourage you to race in the Elmbridge assessment race on 26th March, and seek selection for the German Nationals event in May. That team will be an U16-U18 development team intended for those likely to gain full GB selection in the next year or two.