Guidance for athletes seeking selection for European Champs


Selection of the team for the Euros (and depending on an invitation, the Sanabria K4) will happen on 10th June immediately after the Maidstone assessment race. Only athletes who have indicated their availability via the availability form on the MRC website can be considered.
Decisions at this meeting will take into account ALL assessment races to date this season, plus performances of the teams selected for the German Nationals and World Cup. This Continuous Assessment policy brings to bear a large amount of evidence of performance, and will result in the best overall team of 16 available athletes being selected.
Three K2 assessment races will have taken place by the time of this decision: Thameside 2, Nottingham and Maidstone. Later races will count for more, but only in the event of a close decision between boats. K2 crews are advised to compete at both Nottingham and Maidstone, unless sprint team commitments or exams prevent them from doing so.
Up to the total number of 16 athletes, we will aim to select the best K1 and K2 crews across classes for the European Championships, subject to their availability.
DOUBLING UP: The no.1 objective of the Selection Policy is to help the team win medals. It is extremely rare that an athlete is capable of “doubling up” in K1 and K2 and winning medals in both, and medal potential in K2 can be spoiled by having one or both athletes tired from competing in the earlier K1 race. Any requests to double up should be made to a member of the Selection Committee, and will be discussed carefully with athletes and coaches.
The selection committee can and will select an athlete for only one event if it is in the interests of overall results and other team members. 
This year we will prioritise athletes not selected for the European Championships, for inclusion in the Sanabria K4 teams (4 senior women, 4 senior men). However this depends on the standard of the athletes, and athletes in the Euros team may be included to support the strength of the K4 if there is an insufficient number of available athletes meeting the expected standard for selection.  Both K1 and K2 performances will be taken into account, with an emphasis on k2 results.
Sanabria depends on the event taking place, and our invitation always arrives late in the day, so this team is not 100% guaranteed to happen.