Hasler Finals 2019 – Regional Marathon Advisors Guidance

Hopefully you should all be aware that all entries for Hasler 2019 are only been taking via the online portal

You will also find the current ranking list, race results and Hasler Final qualification summary by club.

The entry system also has all the race results 2019, that count towards Hasler Final qualifications: Haslers, National Championship and Assessment races.

All Regional Advisers should have registered a user account, once you are registered you can request your account be upgraded to Regional Advisers.

From there you will be able to 

    • Ensure that every entry has suitable qualifying evidence
    • All uploaded BC cards are valid

Any problems please contact Tom Sharpe commodore@richmondcanoe.club or Dan Seaford dan@baconfat.co.uk

Entries are still a little low, please remind your clubs closing 12-Sept-2019 23:00

Actions (Account Setup)

    1. Register an account
    2. Request upgrade to Regional Adviser from Tom Sharpe commodore@richmondcanoe.club
    3. Remind your club about closing date

Actions (Checking Entry Eligibility)

    1. Check only qualified clubs have entered
    2. Check qualifying evidence and BC membership

If you come across any entries for paddlers that are not eligible to race, either because they do not have current BC membership or have not done enough qualifying races, please email Tom who will remove the entries.

Regional Manager Advisor – Step by Step guide

Login to online portal – you will land at Upcoming races

Click on your name, top right corner, then My Account

You will land on My Account

Scroll down to the RMA: Regional Races Section

Click on Hasler Final 2019

You should club entries for your region, the list can be filtered by Club and Race

Looking at Reading, you can look at paddlers entry supporting races. Please ensure that the right number of qualifying races are present.

Look out for entries were the BC membership has expired, check the supporting evidence has been uploaded (click on the camera icon)

To confirm which clubs have qualified for your region go to Results, click on your region

You can see the top clubs in your region, the size of the region affects how many clubs qualify.