The Great Britain Team

Great Britain has a very successful history in marathon racing, winning 36 World and European titles since the first World Championships in 1988. Our latest World Champion is Lani Belcher, of Nottingham KC and Elmbridge CC.

The athletes who represented Great Britain in 2017 at the World or European Championships were:-

Lani Belcher (NOT) – World Champion SWK1; European Silver Medallist SWK1; World Bronze Medallist SWK2
Lizzie Broughton (RIC)

Zyggy Chmiel (NOT) – European Bronze Medallist U23MK1
Nicky Cresser (NOT)
Magnus Gregory (LON)
Luke Harding (LON)
Alexandra Lane (LON) – World and European Bronze Medallist U23WK1
Hayleigh Mason (NOT) –¬†World Bronze Medallist SWK2
Oscar McKittrick (ELM)
Keith Moule (CLM)
Tim Pendle (NOR)
Freya Peters (RIC) –¬†World and European Bronze Medallist JWK2
Joe Petersen (BAN)

Emma Russell (CLM) – World and European Bronze Medallist JWK2
Charlie Smith (LBZ) – World and European Silver Medallist JMK1