The Great Britain Team

Great Britain has a very successful history in marathon racing, winning 35 World and European titles since the first World Championships in 1988. You can download an infographic of our World Champions here

The athletes who represented Great Britain in 2016 at the World or European Championships were (medal results in brackets):-

Lizzie Broughton (RIC) – European Bronze Medallist (SWK2)
Zyggy Chmiel (NOT)
Andrew Daniels (LON)
Lewis Duffield (CLM)
Magnus Gregory (LON) – World Silver Medallist (JMK2)
Luke Harding (LON) –¬†World Silver Medallist (JMK2)
Fay Lamph (WEY) – European Bronze Medallist (SWK2)
Alexandra Lane (LON)
Keith Moule (CLM)
Tim Pendle (NOR)
Freya Peters (RIC)
Joe Petersen (BAN)
Samantha Rees-Clark (B3C)
Emma Russell (CLM)
James Russell (CLM)
Charlie Smith (LBZ)
Peter Wilkes (CLM)