Short course races at Marathon Worlds and Europeans

The ICF have announced that short-course races with full World and European Championship status will be run at the two major championships in 2019.

These races are held over a 3.6km course, with 3 x 1.2km laps and two portages. There are qualifying heats and a final. These events will be run in 2019 for SENIOR SINGLES ONLY (SMK1; SWK1; SWC1; SMC1)

As these are full championship events, the MRC Selection Committee will consider selecting athletes to contest them this year. We may (depending on assessment race performances) select senior athletes to contest only these events, only the long-course events, or a combination of both.

The assessment events in 2019 have already been scheduled to include 5k races, with the intention being to use these to assess early-phase speed for long-course races. Following the ICF decision, these 5k races will most likely be revised to 3.6km with 2 portages. Only the 22nd June K1 assessment event will count towards these short-course events at the European Championships. As the National Championships are the assessment for the World Championships, we will need to schedule an additional short-course assessment event at a similar time to count towards the Worlds.

Please email me if you have any questions.

James Smythe,
Selection Committee Chair