Junior Marathon Development Squad

The MRC is launching a Junior Marathon Development Squad from 2019 and the following information was sent out to clubs at the beginning of the month.  For those who may have missed it due to the Christmas chaos, below is an outline of the plans, together with the eligibility criteria and the link for registration.

We welcome comments and suggestions as this develops, so we can provide the juniors with a strong programme to complement the work already done within clubs, whilst also providing some additional opportunities to train with others of their own age group, and in different water conditions.

Aims of the Squad
• Recognition from the MRC of an athlete’s potential as a future senior international athlete
• To support cross links between clubs and paddlers, encouraging regional & age group training, information sharing and crew boat building.
• Inclusion to specific marathon training days to develop key racing skills
• The squad will be encouraged to attend identified Hasler races through the season, named by the Marathon Racing Committee Selection Committee.

For 2019 paddlers in the following categories are invited:

• U18 boys – Div 3+
• U16/U14 boys – Div 4+
• U18 girls – Div 4+
• U16/U14 girls – Div 5+

As paddlers’ years of birth are not on the ranking list, if you/your paddlers meet the criteria and would like to be included, please complete the link below.


The initial squad will be published in January, but will be added to throughout the year as more athletes reach the required level.

Marathon Junior Development Squad Training Days
These will be held quarterly around the regions.  Dates of the first ones will be published in January.
There will be a small cost of £10 to £20/day.
The main focus of these days will be marathon specific skills eg wash-hanging, moving around a group, portaging and dealing with moving water.
A number of clubs have already registered an interest in running a training day, and we would very much welcome others to do so if they believe they have the right facilities.

Marathon Junior Development Training Weekend 6th/7th April 
We are aware this will clash with a couple of Hasler races, so it may be possible for athletes to attend just one day, depending on numbers.

The weekend will focus on key marathon racing skills, boat skills and land based educational specialist sessions such as psychology, S&C and target setting, as required.

All athletes wishing to be considered must have attended one of the regional training days, and complete an availability form by 28 February 2019 (this will be on the MRC website).  Invitation will be made by the MRC, using supporting information from the regional training day organisers.

Full details of the weekend will be issued on the MRC website in January  including details on cost, venue, format and number of places available.