MRC funding for club race coaching

British Canoeing have launched a specific Race Coach Award (level 2) in January 2018, with the first course be planned for spring 2018. The MRC is able to offer funding to support courses provided in canoe clubs by unsupported, volunteer coach tutors to similarly unsupported students.

Full details and application forms below.

This award is targeted at providing the Club Race Coach with the theory and confidence to lead a club coaching race programme and progress paddlers from the start of their racing development to the mid racing divisions with a good level of skill.

The Race Award presents an opportunity to recognise and increase the standard of Race coaching in Racing Clubs, Schools and other organisations interested in canoe and kayak racing.

To this end a number of established Race Coach Tutors & Assessors have been authorised by British Canoeing to deliver this training and qualify the aspiring Club Race Coaches.

British Canoeing cost guidance for the Club Coach student to complete the Race Award would be in the region of £600.

  1. Registration £45 – To British Canoeing from candidate
  2. Core module £185 – Two day Course
  3. Race module £185 –Two day course
  4. Assessment £185 – Half day assessment

For many ‘Volunteer’ Club Race Coaches students who are unsupported by British Canoeing and have had to fund their own way to gain the Club Race Coach qualification this is to expensive for something they do for the good of the club or organisation.

Liker wise for a number of those Race Coach Tutors and Assessors who are unsupported by British Canoeing and have had to fund their own way to gain the Race Coach Tutors & Assessors qualification, they need to charge the students to cover their costs to deliver the course.


With the support of the MRC there is now an opportunity substantially reduce the cost to the unsupported students by funding the unsupported Coach Tutors and Assessors to deliver the Race Coach Award. If the course is hosted by a Canoe Club and administrated by the Canoe Club.


The Race Coach Tutor or Assessor would apply to the MRC coaching representative for funding by submitting the application form to gain qualification for funding. On completion of either the Race Award Course modules or Race Award Assessment the Race Coach Tutor would submit the attached completion form for payment.

MRC funding to the qualifying Race Coach Tutors would be £100 per student on each of the Race Award courses and £50 per student for the Assessment delivered by the applying Race Coach Tutor or Assessor.

All MRC subsided Race Award course will need to be advertised on the MRC website – please email details

Any queries contact the MRC coaching representative

MRC Race Coach Funding outline

MRC Funding Application Form

MRC Race Coach Funding Completion Form