MRC Junior Development Squad 2020

After a successful first year (thanks to all those who gave up their time to coach), the MRC will be running the JDS again in 2020.  All those who were on last year’s squad should have received an email recently, with the link to re-join (if not, please check your spam boxes).

The qualification criteria remain the same – Boys U18 – Div 3, Boys U16 – Div 4, Girls U18 – Div 4 and Girls U16 – Div 5.  For Canoeists, the divisions would be one lower for each category.

ALL members need to re-join for 2020 – the form is here.

For those who attended any of last year’s events, there is also a feedback form here.

Events planned for 2020 at this stage are:

  • Saturday 21 March –  Elmbridge – national training day
  • Saturday and Sunday 18/19 April – 2 day residential camp, Longridge (limited numbers)
  • Saturday 30 May – Pangbourne – national training day

Coaches – we are keen to have as many as possible involved, of all levels.  This is partly to help run the events, but also to use them as an opportunity to learn together.  To this end, we are planning to hold coaching discussion sessions over the lunch breaks this year.