Marathon Racing Committee 2018-19

Following the Annual Consultative Meeting at Reading on 21st July, the following candidates were elected to the Marathon Racing Committee:-

Chair (one year term): Stan Missen (BOA)

Members (2 year terms):
Kat Wilson (RDG)
Mick Nadal (NOT)
Roland Lawler (ELM)
Siobhan Urquhart (BAN)
Tom Sharpe (RIC)
James Smythe (BSF)

The following members are mid-term, and their places up for election at the 2019 ACM:
Dyson Pendle (NOR)
David Enoch (NOT)
Keith Moule (CLM)
Graham Warland (BAN)
Andy Daniels (LON)

The first meeting of the new committee will be on 25th August at Longridge.