National Racing Coach Seminar, 11th November – register by email

On behalf of Paul Ratcliffe, Performance Director and Mike Chandler Head of Performance Coaching, British Canoeing we would like to invite you to a racing seminar for all coaches across the country on  November 11th 2017

The seminar designed with some of our club coaches will be a mixture of interactions including presentations and coaching discussions to keep building and spreading our knowledge across the sport to help continuously improve our athletes.

We’re still working on logistics for the day but I can share some early thoughts on the agenda, which is likely to include:

  • Welcome and update on the Sprint programme with Paul Ratcliffe
  • A session on the philosophy and understanding of building successful crew boats with Rene Olsen
  • Understanding the Technical Model of Forward Paddling
  • Insight and Q&A into understanding the training principles that have produced some of our recent junior medallists and Olympic successes
  • Strength and Conditioning for the developing Athlete

The seminar will be free to attend and a venue will be confirmed in due course, but will be easily accessible from the M25 and M40 as this is most central to clubs.

We’d love for you to join us to help keep improving this sport together. There will be up to 100 places available and please let Mike Chandler know by email above if you wish to take part by Friday  29th September. If clubs decide to send one email with attendees then please send me the list including full name and email address for all those who wish to join us. If clubs decide to send one email with attendees then please send me the list including full name and email address for all those who wish to join us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Kind Regards

Paul and Mike

ICF athlete nationality changes deadline

If you’re a non-British or dual nationality athlete who would like to be eligible to race for GB next year, then you must make an application to British Canoeing by 1st November.

This only applies if you have previously raced for another country, or are a non-British athlete resident in the UK, and seeking international selection for the first time. Athletes would be expected to have been BC members for at least the last two years.

For more information please contact James Smythe

Quick report from Spanish K4 international series

The Spanish K4 series is a two-race international event, with races in Valladolid and Sanabria. This year we entered two teams, a Women’s K4 of Lani Belcher (ELM), Hayleigh Mason (NOT), Fay Lamph (WEY) and Alex Lane (LON), and a Men’s K4 of James Russell (CLM), Matt Johnson (CLM), Nicky Cresser (NOT) and Zyggy Chmiel (NOT).

A summary from the team manager, Paul Dimmock:

A well attended event with Argentina, Czech, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Hungry and of course Spain all competing.

Both British crews performed well, in Valladolid the men’s race GB were 5th, after problem with a lean which was causing Zyggy at stroke a lot of problems and consequently weren’t as competitive as we believed they could be. A change around with James driving for the race on Sunday resolved the lean issue and the boys were very strong, on the first lap they were in a comfortable 2nd/3rd spot with the Spanish, the Argentinians who won on Saturday looked to be in control and the Hungarians just behind, but sadly on the top (island) turn we bumped the rudder and couldn’t steer effectively for the last 1/2 of the lap and dropped back. The women were very strong all round, won on Saturday much to the disappointment of the Hungarians who claimed an impingement by the GB boat, the Spanish officials weren’t impressed with the Hungarians and so the result stood, on Sunday a great race and the Hungarians just took it from Team GB followed by Spain, a really good race and great effort.

All in all, the team were excellent, they were well organised and supported each other with running boat repairs, and general support. The Federation looked after us well, although one boat was broken when we arrived the two crews used the one larger boat on Saturday, however Sunday with the both men and women on the same start line the repair man struggled to get the women’s boat ready in fact 25 minutes prior to the start, but as I say the team were true professionals and got organised.

GB Team for 2017 World Marathon Championships

The European Championships has ended with excellent performances across all classes contested. With the Worlds in South Africa this year, the MRC originally budgeted for only eight places, which would have resulted in some top athletes being denied the chance to compete at this level. We have decided therefore to allocate additional spending to accommodate more athletes with medal potential. There have still been some tough decisions, but the following athletes have been selected to race at the World Championships:-

SWK1 – Lani Belcher (ELM), Lizzie Broughton (RIC)
SWK2 – Belcher/Hayleigh Mason (NOT); Alex Lane (LON)/Broughton
U23WK1 – Alex Lane
JWK1 – Flo Duffield (NOR)
JWK2 – Freya Peters (RIC)/Emma Russell (CLM)
SMK1 – Keith Moule (CLM)
U23MK1 – Zyggy Chmiel (NOT); Magnus Gregory (LON)
JMK1 – Charlie Smith (LBZ)
JMK2 – Joe Petersen (BAN)/Oscar McKittrick (ELM)

Staff: Dyson Pendle (Team Manager); Ali Pendle (both NOR)

British Canoeing signs broadcast deal with Sky Sports

British Canoeing has announced the launch of Go Canoe! – a brand new series of eight programmes featuring canoeing that will be broadcast on Sky Sports throughout this summer.

The programmes will focus on the British athletes as they compete in the International Canoe Federation Slalom and Sprint World Cup events.

The series will also include tutorials – introducing the various disciplines within the sport, together with magazine features about clubs, trails, adventures and athletes.

Go Canoe! is being produced by Hit the Roof, with magazine contributions produced by MediaPack.

David Joy, chief executive of British Canoeing said:

“I am delighted that we have been able to work with Sky Sports to create this series of programmes. Go Canoe! will really showcase the excitement and breadth of Canoeing to a wide audience and is another step forward in the delivery of our new strategy Stronger Together.”

Hannah Brown, a two time World Champion in wild water racing, will feature in one of the episodes of Go Canoe! and is delighted that the sport will be aired on the Sky Sports channels.

“It is fantastic news that canoeing, including my discipline of wild water racing, will receive some brilliant exposure on Sky Sports. It really shows that there is an interest and a demand for canoeing on a national scale.

“It has been great to be involved in the series and have the opportunity to showcase wild water racing to the wider public who may not have seen or heard much about the sport before.

“I can’t wait for people to see how exciting and diverse the sport is. Such coverage is vital to the sport and hopefully will encourage more people to give it a go.”

The first Go Canoe! show will be broadcast on Sky Sports on Monday 24th July. The full schedule is as follows:

Programme 1            24 July 2017                     21:00
Programme 2            31 July 2017                     22:30
Programme 3            07 August 2017                    22:00
Programme 4            14 August 2017                    22:00
Programme 5            21 August 2017                    21:00
Programme 6            28 August 2017                    21:00
Programme 7            04 September 2017 21:00
Programme 8            11 September 2017         21:00

Safety and mutual responsibility in races

During the season so far, a number of incidents have been drawn to the attention of the MRC relating to capsizes. These may have been through instability, or lack of skill, consideration or unnecessarily aggressive behaviour on part of other paddlers.

The MRC would like to remind all paddlers, team leaders and race organisers of the following points:

  • Rule 5 iv) All paddlers are required to render assistance to other competitors in distress. – this means checking that a paddler in the water is able to cope with the situation well enough to get out of the water.
  • Rule 5 ii) Competitors must be able to swim adequately in the waters on which the race is being held. It is hoped that team leaders ensure that their paddlers know how to manage their boats when a capsize does occur, being able to swim to a place where emptying and re-entry are possible.
  • Should a paddler accidentally cause a capsize, it is expected that an apology and offer of assistance will be made.
  • Rule 6) DISCIPLINE – final paragraphRace Organisers should note the powers in clause 2.1 of the Procedures to apply immediate discipline where members or competitors have displayed violent or unreasonable behaviour. (Marathon racing is subject to British Canoeing Marathon Racing Committee Disciplinary Regulations and to British Canoeing Disciplinary Code. See
  • Race organisers are reminded that the HRM system provides the facility for them to enter time penalties or allowances. Should a paddler delay their own race to render assistance, it would be appropriate to use this. Should evidence make it clear that a paddler has refused to assist or ignored a situation that may require assistance; organisers should take measured and appropriate action.
  • It is accepted that a young junior may not be able to offer greater assistance than a tow to the bank, or staying with the paddler while they swim, but it is expected that an adult paddler will be able to offer greater assistance particularly if the swimmer is a junior.
  • Race organisers are reminded that reference to Rule 5iv) must be included in their briefing.

It is in the interest of all paddlers that they learn to look after themselves and each other in race situations and it is also expected that team leaders ensure that this is the case.