Annual Consultative Meeting – please register your nominated club voter

The Annual Consultative Meeting on Sat 29th July (at the Nationals) will include some important issues for discussion about the future of the sport, including:-

  • Our proposed plans for the next 4 years, including new coaching qualifications and networks for racing clubs
  • Proposed increase of the racing levy to £2.50/seat to cover these plans with a balanced budget
  • Whether promotions and demotions should be automatic or based more on request
  • Election of the Chair plus six MRC committee positions.

With lively debate and voting anticipated, please could clubs register their intention to attend along with the name of their chosen voter. All votes are on the basis of one CLUB, one vote. Registration is not compulsory but it will help us work out who is the voter if more than one person from a club attends.

Safety and mutual responsibility in races

During the season so far, a number of incidents have been drawn to the attention of the MRC relating to capsizes. These may have been through instability, or lack of skill, consideration or unnecessarily aggressive behaviour on part of other paddlers.

The MRC would like to remind all paddlers, team leaders and race organisers of the following points:

  • Rule 5 iv) All paddlers are required to render assistance to other competitors in distress. – this means checking that a paddler in the water is able to cope with the situation well enough to get out of the water.
  • Rule 5 ii) Competitors must be able to swim adequately in the waters on which the race is being held. It is hoped that team leaders ensure that their paddlers know how to manage their boats when a capsize does occur, being able to swim to a place where emptying and re-entry are possible.
  • Should a paddler accidentally cause a capsize, it is expected that an apology and offer of assistance will be made.
  • Rule 6) DISCIPLINE – final paragraphRace Organisers should note the powers in clause 2.1 of the Procedures to apply immediate discipline where members or competitors have displayed violent or unreasonable behaviour. (Marathon racing is subject to British Canoeing Marathon Racing Committee Disciplinary Regulations and to British Canoeing Disciplinary Code. See
  • Race organisers are reminded that the HRM system provides the facility for them to enter time penalties or allowances. Should a paddler delay their own race to render assistance, it would be appropriate to use this. Should evidence make it clear that a paddler has refused to assist or ignored a situation that may require assistance; organisers should take measured and appropriate action.
  • It is accepted that a young junior may not be able to offer greater assistance than a tow to the bank, or staying with the paddler while they swim, but it is expected that an adult paddler will be able to offer greater assistance particularly if the swimmer is a junior.
  • Race organisers are reminded that reference to Rule 5iv) must be included in their briefing.

It is in the interest of all paddlers that they learn to look after themselves and each other in race situations and it is also expected that team leaders ensure that this is the case.


Spanish K4 series – GB teams confirmed

The teams selected to represent GB at the Spanish K4 series are as follows:-


F Lamph (Wey), L Belcher (ELM), H Mason (NOT), A Lane (LON)


Z Chmiel (NOT), J Russell (CLM), M Johnson (CLM), N Cresser (NOT)

Manager P Dimmock (WEY)

GB Team for the European Championships

European Championships, Portugal. 29 June – 2 July

Lizzie Broughton (RIC)
Lani Belcher (ELM)

Lani Belcher (ELM)/Hayleigh Mason (NOT)
Lizzie Broughton (RIC)/Alex Lane (LON)

Alex Lane (LON)

Tim Pendle (NOR)

Tim Pendle (NOR)/Keith Moule (CLM)
Zyggy Chmiel (NOT)/Nicky Cresser (NOT)

U23 MEN K1
Zyggy Chmiel (NOT)

Florence Duffield (NOR)

Freya Peters (RIC)/Emma Russell (CLM)

Charlie Smith (LBZ)

Joe Petersen (BAN)/Oscar McKittrick (ELM)

STAFF Jo Bates (Team Manager), Dyson Pendle, Melvin Swallow.

Joint statement from Sprint and Marathon Selection Committees

The Sprint and Marathon International Panels would like to clarify the following points regarding the selection process for the 2017 ICF Canoe Sprint Senior World Championships, 2017 ECA Canoe Sprint Senior European Championships and the 2017 ICF World Canoe Marathon Championships.

  1. Nominations for selection for the 5K events at the 2017 ICF Canoe Sprint Senior World Championships and the ECA Canoe Sprint European Championships will be primarily based on results of the 5K events at the 2017 June National Regatta.
  2. Nominations for selection for all other ICF Canoe Sprint Senior World Championships and ECA Canoe Sprint European Championships events will be primarily based on results at the 2017 July National Regatta.
  3. To be eligible for selection for the ICF World Canoe Marathon Championships, it is NOT a requirement that athletes compete at the ECA European Canoe Marathon Championships. This applies to the Junior, U23 and Senior categories.

Alan Laws, Chair of the Canoe Marathon International Panel
Paul Dimmock, Chair of the Canoe Sprint International Panel.