Reading Assessment Race – results

The file below details results from the events held at Reading on 22nd April:

Assessment 1 results final

All classes competed over multiple events. Everyone did a 3.6km short-course, 3-lap race (now a full ICF world championship event for senior singles), and a longer race (20k for seniors, 13k for juniors). In addition, seniors did a 5k time trial.

All three of these events were taken into consideration by the selection committee, testing speed, the ability to compete tactically over a longer distance, and endurance.

Each event was benchmarked against a notional “world best” time, to give a handicap score (HC). An HC score of 1 would mean the athlete’s times were one minute slower per hour than that benchmark. Times from past world championships have been compared to give an approximate HC score for the gold medal winners in different classes, so we are able to compare classes on a like-for-like basis: for example if a Women’s K1 world best HC is estimated at 6, then an HC 8 performance by an athlete in that class is roughly comparable to a Men’s K1 achieving an HC 2.