Marathon Racing Committee 2018-19

The Marathon Racing Committee exists to encourage club, regional, national and international marathon canoeing events.

The MRC committee comprises members elected by racing clubs at the Annual Consultative Meeting (usually held at the National Championships), and each member serves a two-year term (excepting the Chair who serves a one-year term). Its regulations can be downloaded here: MRC REGULATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION

The MRC meets several times a year. If you have any questions or issues to raise, please contact the Chairman or Secretary. Members for 2018-19 are as follows:-

Stan Missen Chair
Mick Nadal Vice Chair, Regional Marathon Advisers co-ordinator; Rules
David Enoch Treasurer
Graham Warland Calendar Compiler; International Logistics
Siobhan Urquhart Comms
Tom Sharpe Athlete Development
Kat Wilson Athlete Development; Safeguarding
Roland Lawler Rankings Officer
Dyson Pendle 
James Smythe Secretary (admin); Comms
Keith Moule  Athlete Development
Dan Seaford National Championships and Hasler Finals Co-Ordinator (co-opted)
Richard Ward Coaching Development; Athlete Development (co-opted)
Jim Taylor-Ross Coaching Development (co-opted)
Andrew Daniels Athlete Development


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