5km races at the June 2017 National Regatta

5km races at the June 2017 National Regatta

The U23 classes have now been added to the Senior Mens and Womens A/B classes for the K1 5km races. U23 paddlers can now enter for these races in the online entries system. An updated version of the schedule is attached. Apologies for this oversight on our part.

icon_pdf  Updated June 2017 Schedule

Similar to the K2 LD events held at the May 2017 regatta:

  1. The course will be 1 large lap (after 1000m start) and 2 small laps (before 500m start).
  2. Boats are to be sprint weight (12kg) and the first 4 boats from each event will be called for Boat Control.
  3. From the Start, competitors may deviate from their lane after the first 150m, (in line with the Score Board after passing the Control Tower) providing they do not impede other competitors.
  4. The fee for Late Entries on the day will be the standard late entry fee of £12.

Please note that these 5km races do not count towards the MacGregor points.

  May 2017 National Sprint Regatta – Marathon 5km K2 Assessment

Notice for Team Leaders and competitors in the marathon 5km K2 assessment races:

For those paddlers taking part in the 5km assessment races, the Marathon Racing Committee has confirmed:

  1. the course will be 1 large lap to the 1000m mark and 2 small laps to the 500m mark,
  2. boats are to be sprint weight (18kg) not marathon weight,
  3. entries on the day will be charged a late entry fee of £19 rather than £14 if entered pre-regatta.

  May 2017 National Sprint Regatta – entries deadline extended to tonight

Notice for Team Leaders:

We are extending the entries deadline for the May 2017 regatta by 24 hours to Thursday 20 April 2017 at 23:59.

Unfortunately, we are still awaiting a fix for the bug that is stopping you entering crew boats for Masters events. There are also a few other small bugs impacting one or two clubs, which we are also trying to clear. I will advise the impacted clubs as soon as these are resolved.

Kind regards

Phil Caisley