About National Sprints

The National Sprint Regattas are held at Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham over a weekend during March, April, June, July and September. Around 300 races are held over the two days and competitors can race in a variety of categories in either a racing kayak; K1, K2 and K4, or a racing canoe; C1 and C2, over distances of 200m, 500m and 1000m.

Competitors kneel and use a single-bladed paddle      kayak_k2
Canoes must be propelled solely by means of a single-bladed paddle. Kayaks must be propelled solely by means of double-bladed paddles.

Racing categories

Competitors are split into ability groups; A, B, C and D, depending on races times and there are categories for boys, girls, men, women and masters. Example categories are: Women Kayak A and Boys Canoe B.

Entry to the regattas requires a minimum racing time

In order to enter into the regattas a competitor must be able to paddle 500m, men and boys in less than 2 minutes 26 seconds, women masters and Girls in less then 2 minutes 39 seconds.  As and when they achieve faster times they are promoted; see the ‘Racing times standards’ on the National Sprint Regulations page. Paddlers that can’t yet achieve these minimum times are encouraged to race in the local regattas.

National Sprint rules and regulations

For rules and regulations, see National Sprint Regulations and General Regulations and Policies.