Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM)

Annual Consultative Meeting 2020 – Draft Minutes

The draft minutes for the 2020 Annual Consultative Meeting are available on the link below for you to review, before being formally issued prior to the 2021 ACM. If you consider an item has either been missed or not recorded correctly or have any other comments to make regarding the minutes, please email

    icon_pdf  ACM 2020 Draft Minutes


Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM) 2020

The Sprint Racing Section’s Annual Consultative Meeting will be held as an online Zoom meeting at 18:00 on Saturday 17th October.

    icon_pdf  SRC ACM 2020 – ACM processes BC statement (13th October)

If you would like an invite to join the meeting as a non-voting member please use this link.

If you are registering a club voting member representative or the assignment of a proxy please use this link.
A list of 2019 registered clubs can be found on the link below:
    icon_pdf  2019 club list

The various papers that you will need for the meeting are available on the links below:

    icon_pdf  ACM 2020 Invitation Letter

    icon_pdf  2020 ACM Update agenda v3
    icon_pdf  ACM Minutes OCT2019

    icon_pdf  ACM 2020 Chairman’s report
    icon_pdf  Updated Candidates Pen Portraits ACM 2020

    icon_pdf  ACM Treasurer’s Report SRC_RC_2018_19_ACM2020
    icon_pdf  ACM 2020 Sprint Racing Committee Accounts to 31st October 2019
    icon_pdf  ACM 2020 Sprint Regatta Committee Accounts to 31st October 2019

    icon_pdf  ACM 2020 Regatta Committee Report
    icon_pdf  ACM 2020 Sprint Performance Strategy Review

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Update!! In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ACM 2020 will now be held as an online meeting on the same date as originally planned. See the link below for details.

    icon_pdf  Annual Consultative Meeting (Online)

ACM Notice 2020
Annual Consultative meeting – Saturday 17th October 2020 followed by the Annual Trophy Presentations at Royal Canoe Club.
Royal Canoe Club will also be holding The Paddle Challenge with 5k and 10k races starting from 12.00.  A BBQ and social evening will follow.

Nominations for various members of the Sprint Racing Committee can be submitted either by using the live link HERE or by downloading a nomination form by using the link below and submitting the completed form by email or post to Cathy Wynne.

    icon_pdf   Nomination Form Annual Consultative Meeting 2020
    icon_pdf   Discussion Item Form Annual Consultative Meeting 2020

April 2020 update The draft minutes for the 2019 Annual Consultative Meeting are now available for you to review, before being formally issued prior to the next ACM. If you consider an item has either been missed or not recorded correctly or have any other comments to make, please email

icon_pdf  Draft ACM 2019 minutes

Annual Consultative Meeting – 2pm Saturday 19th October 2019 – Reading Canoe Club, The Warren, Caversham, Berkshire RG4 7TH

Annual Consultative Meeting – 2pm Saturday 19th October 2019 – Reading Canoe Club, The Warren, Caversham, Berkshire RG4 7TH

The Sprint Racing Section’s Annual Consultative Meeting In 2019 will be held at Reading Canoe Club on Saturday 19th October.

2019 ACM Letter
2019 ACM Agenda
Item 2 SRC ACM minutes and addendum Oct 2018
Item 4 SRC ACM Chairmans Report 2019
Item 5 Committee Member Pen Portraits
Items 6+7 Secretary and Chair Pen Portraits
Item 8a SRC Treasurer’s Year End 2017-2018 Report
Item 8a SRC Treasurer’s 2017-18 Balance Sheet
Item 8b Regatta Committee Treasurer’s Year End Report 2017-2018
Item 9 Regatta Committee Chair ACM Report 2019
Item 10 Performance Report
Sprint Clubs for 2019 ACM

This year, the Chair of the Sprint Racing Committee will be elected for three years and committee members will be elected for periods of 1 to 3 years by the representatives from sprint clubs.

Anyone interested in standing for election to the Sprint Racing Committee, or as Chair, must submit in writing a nomination, supported by the signatures of two full Individual Home National members, to reach the SRC Secretary no later than noon Friday 6th September 2019.

Likewise, any issues for discussion at the ACM, needs to be submitted in writing, supported by the signatures of two full Individual Home National members, again to reach the Secretary no later than midnight 6th September 2019

Every affiliated Sprint Racing Club can send a representative to the meeting to vote on behalf of the club or for the first time, can submit a proxy vote.  Details of how to submit a proxy vote will be included with the ACM agenda package and on the website

Anyone interested in Sprint Racing is welcome to attend the ACM and the award presentations which follows.  Tickets will be available for the evening buffet.

Secretary, BC Sprint Racing Committee
Mrs C. Wynne, 40 Bramble Close, Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Kent TN11 9HQ


Annual Consultative Meeting – Saturday 13th October 2018 – Wey Kayak Club, Guildford Waterside Centre, Riverside, Guildford, GU1 1LW

2018 ACM agenda v2

Item 4 SRC Chairman’s Report for ACM 13 October 2018
Item 7a SRC Financials Final Year End Report 2017
Item 7b Regatta Treasurer Final Year End Report 2017
Item 8 Performance Report for SRC ACM 2018
Item 9 ACM Regatta Committee 2018 Review Report

Minutes from SRC ACM September 2017

Sprint Racing Committee 2018 ACM – 13 October

As a departure from the ACMs format in recent years the SRC have decided to stage the event, along with the presentation of the 2018 trophies, in an afternoon and evening away from a Nottingham Regatta. The objectives are to take it away from the time pressure of the September Regatta and make it a more open and effective event. In addition, the SRC wish to make the presentation of the annual Trophies more formal and give the winners a level of importance in line with their achievements.

The SRC really want to make this a useful event for Sprint Racing as well as being an enjoyable social event without the time pressure of being attached to a regatta. Hopefully it will become and annual event and be able to move round the country to make it as accessible as possible.

With thanks this year to the Wey Kayak Club, it will take place at the Guildford Waterside Centre, Riverside, Guildford GU1 1LW on Saturday 13 October.

The plan is to make this a very social occasion as well as the formal events. The afternoon ACM and Presentations will be followed by a Buffet meal, followed by a live band.  They are the “The Fetcham Draught”, a well know band in the Guildford Area.

The programme for the day is:

1300     Visitors invited to an afternoon paddle, then tea etc from the kitchen.
1500     The Annual Consultative Meeting.
1630     Presentation of Trophies interspersed by three Keynote Speakers.
1800     Buffet meal of good quality.
1930     “The Fetcham Draught”, Band
2200     Home to bed or the local hotel

The bar will be open throughout the evening.

We have been fortunate in being able to have three speakers – BC President and multi World Champion Ivan Lawler MBE, Richard Ward and Tim Lodge.

The SCR are heavily supporting the event but those wishing to enjoy the Buffet and stay for the evening, are asked to pay an SRC subsidised £5.00.  In order that the catering can be well planned for we ask each club or individual member to e-mail Jim Rossiter at with confirmation of attendance at the ACM and in addition the number of meals required.  As the meeting is open to all BC members if those not connected with a club wish to have the buffet please can they also contact Jim Rossiter by 30th September.

Please indicate if you will make a bank transfer or pay cash on the day.  Make the subject of the e-mail, SRC ACM (Club code e.g. WEY).  You will receive a confirmation and ticket invoice with the bank details. Trophy winners will receive a separate invitation.


Hotel details and Sunday 14 October Coaching Matters

Wey KC will also be hosting a Coaching Matters day on Sunday 14 October.  This will be an opportunity to update your Coaching qualification.  The morning theme will be Flat Water based with more general subjects in the afternoon.

Registration for the Coaching Matters is online via BC Coaching.

For those who have travelled some distance to Guildford and are attending the Coaching Matters, there are several budget hotels in the area.  The nearest, 5 minutes walk from Wey KC, is a Premier Inn.

Annual Consultative Meeting – Saturday 2nd September 2017 – National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham

This page contains the agenda and papers for the Sprint Racing Section’s 2017 Annual Consultative Meeting, which will commence 75 minutes after the last race of the National and Open Paracanoe, Senior and Junior Championships Regatta on Saturday 2nd September 2017.

Documents will appear here as and when they become available for publication.

icon_pdf  2017 ACM Agenda
icon_pdf  Item 2 – Approval of the 3rd September 2016 ACM Minutes
icon_pdf  Item 4 – Chairman’s Report
icon_pdf  Item 5 – Secretary’s Report
icon_pdf  Item 6a – Treasurers’ Reports – Regatta Committee Treasurer
icon_pdf  Item 6b – Treasurers’ Reports – Sprint Racing Committee Treasurer
icon_pdf  Item 9 – Election of Committee Members – Pen Portraits
icon_pdf  Item 10a – International Teams Report
icon_pdf  Item 11 – Under 12s Youth Racing – Sprint/Marathon – Sprint event

A full set of documents can be obtained from a single link:
icon_pdf  Full document pack for ACM

Discussion topics :

icon_pdf  Items 12a, 12b, 12c and 12d – Under 12s, 5km races, MacGregor Paddle and Team Leaders Meeting
icon_pdf  Items 13a, 13b and 13c – Womens standards, demotions and Womens Masters
icon_pdf  Item 14 – Sprint Racing Committee – Terms of Reference
icon_pdf  Items 15a, 15b, 15c, 15d, 15e and 15f – Womens Masters, Penalty Points, MacGregor Paddle, Appeal costs, Combined races, Transparency