Fourth batch of clubs to access new RMS

For Sprint Club Team Leaders:

The fourth batch of secure logins were sent out to the clubs listed below yesterday afternoon.

If any Team Leader of a club listed below has not received an email, please email Phil Caisley on

If the Team Leader has passed the job on to someone else, would you please also contact Phil Caisley on to update him with the new Team Leader details.

Also, for one reason or another, there are a few clubs still outstanding. If you are a Team Leader of a club that has not been listed in the four published batches, please email Phil Caisley on and let him know.

CLM Chelmsford Canoe Club Mo Moule
CNI Canoe Association of Northern Ireland Matthew McKnight
POO Poole Harbour Graham Wood
RAF Royal Air Force David Duff
RDG Reading Canoe Club Nikki Jacoby
RIC Richmond Canoe Club Brett Irvine
RLS Royal Leamington Spa Emma Miles
RUN Runcorn Canoe Club Simon Nixon
SER Seren Dwr Cardiff Serena Williams
SHK The Sharks Neal Underwood
SHP Shropshire Paddlesport Dave Barnes
SLP Salmon Leap Canoe Club Tom Egan
SOL Solihull Canoe Club Andy Cook
SOR Soar Valley Canoe Club Richard Vincent
STO Stoke Kayak Ben Nelson
SUT Sutton Bingham Canoe Club Robert Rooks
SWA Swansea Kayak Club Chris Tatam
TAU Taunton Canoe Club Quentin Cannon
TRE Trentham Canoe Club Phil Roberts
TRU Truro Canoe Club Paul Postill
TTN Thomastown Paddlers Donnacha Brennan
WEY Wey Kayak Club Caroline Martyn
WOR Worcester Canoe Club Ryan Sneddon
PEN Pennine Canoe Club Viv Kendrick

The next batch will follow soon.

Thank you

Cathy Wynne