Hold Your Own Canoe Sprint Regatta

The SRC want to encourage clubs to hold local canoe sprint regattas so athletes have more opportunities to compete in canoe sprint races. The 2013 London Canoe Sprint Regatta was very successful and it would be good to see this repeated around the UK in 2014.

You can arrange a club regatta within your club or a regional regatta as a joint venture between clubs in your region.

This page will have guidance from the SRC about how to arrange and hold a local regatta and details of the mobile timing/start system equipment that will be available from the SRC to borrow for the duration of the event.

Guidelines are currently being prepared and this page will be updated in due course, but here is a taster:

  1. BCU members are allowed to participate with non BCU members
  2. No promotions will be made at club/regional regattas so performance will not affect national ranking
  3. The Rules and Classes may be altered to suit the requirements
  4. Organisers may place an advertisement for their event in the Racing Handbook on payment of the appropriate fee
  5. Organisers may place information and links for their event on this SRC website; sending it to sprint@canoeracing.org.uk
  6. Organisers are asked to encourage all who take part to become BCU members. Where fees are charged, BCU members should be charged a reduced fee
  7. To ensure uniformity, organisers are asked to follow the BCU Sprint Racing Competition Rules as far as possible
  8. Organisers are asked to make it clear in all literature what the events and rules will be

In the meantime, if you would like more information, please email Cathy Wynne using cathy.wynne@canoeracing.org.uk.