Minisprinters – Welcome to 2014!

Here is a message especially for under 12 sprint racers from Ann Hoile, the SRC committee member responsible for Mini Sprint liaison. Team Leaders, please share this with your under 12s.

Message follows:

Welcome, Minisprinters, to your 2014 season of Sprint Racing at Nottingham. For some of you this will be your first experience of the water at Holme Pierrepont. It is a brilliant occasion for you to meet and make friends with paddlers from other clubs. You may even paddle with them in a K4. It is also a chance for you to watch some of our top paddlers as they whizz down the course. The 200m races are great fun to watch, particularly the Men’s A K2.

There will be a lot of distractions around but make sure you watch and listen to what is happening on and near the water. That’s always a good way to learn. Look out for your name on the scoreboard after your race. It will show your position and time. You then know how much training you need to do to achieve even faster times next time!

If you reach a Final 1 and then come in the top 3 positions you can come up to the Secretaries Desk and be awarded with what we call a ‘Tiddly Wink’. These are small discs showing positions 1, 2 and 3. There are also boards to mount them on for sale, also at the Secretaries Desk.

All Minisprinters will receive a Participation Certificate for the weekend. These will be presented to you at about 10’clock on the Sunday near the tower and where the boats are weighed. Please come and collect them. Check the programme for the exact time.

Your Team Leader and coaches at your club will have prepared you for your weekend of paddling and they’ll have all the information about this year’s Mini Sprint Series, which is in the 2014 Canoe Sprint and Marathon Handbook. Your parents or guardian are able to purchase one of these handbooks at Marsport’s retail stand. Then you can read and learn everything you need to know about sprinting competitions. The Secretaries Desk will help with any queries.

Have a great regatta and happy paddling!

Ann Hoile
SRC Mini Sprint Liaison