New Junior Sprint classes – Boys and Girls Intermediate Kayak

We are replacing the existing BU12 and GU12 Classes with two new classes, Boys Intermediate Kayak (BIK) and Girls Intermediate Kayak (GIK).

These new classes will allow any U14 paddler who has not yet achieved the minimum time for Boys D Kayak (BDK) or Girls D Kayak (GDK) class events to race in sprint K1 boats at the National Regattas.  This trial will be reviewed at the end of the season.

Boys Intermediate Kayak (BIK) minmum 500m time = 2:46
Girls Intermediate Kayak (GIK) minimum 500m time = 2:59

Once paddlers in the new classes have achieved the qualification time for a Junior D class they will be promoted and no longer be allowed to race the BIK or GIK classes.

BIK and GIK paddlers will be allowed to race in D class crew boats as long as 50% of the paddlers in the crew boat are ranked individually as D class paddlers.

Note that, as a consequence of these changes, there will be no U12 classes at the Junior National Championship in April.

More details of the new classes can be found on the link below:

icon_pdf  Introduction for Junior Intermediate classes