About Paddle-Ability and Paracanoe

Paddle-Ability is the term used by British Canoeing to describe all Paddlesport activity for disabled people. The term focuses on a person’s ability to take part in Paddlesport rather than their disability. British Canoeing encourages and supports anyone with any disability or impairment to participate in competition in specific Paddle-Ability events and mainstream competition.

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Paracanoe refers to the international competition structure for people with physical disabilities. From a British Canoeing perspective paracanoe will only be used when describing international competition activity. For information on paracanoe selection, classification and eligibility and your opportunity to become a paralympian, please refer to the British Canoeing Paracanoe pages.


Paddle-Ability events

Specific Paddle-Ability events are held at National Regattas in Nottingham from March to September. Racing is based on ability (in time bands).

Entries must be submitted, in advance, with other club entries via the Club Team Leaders. If your club does not already have an appointed team leader please contact: paddle-ability@britishcanoeing.org.uk.

Entrants may have an escort boat to provide support to the starting posts; limited support is also permitted during races. Escort paddlers will be expected to wear yellow escort bibs.

The current events available are:

  • K1: 200m, 500m
  • K2: 200m, 500m

Paddle-Ability Sprint time-bands

Band Kayak Men Kayak Junior Men Kayak Women Kayak Junior Women
A+ 0.52 1.06 1.12 1.20
A 1.00 1.14 1.20 1.30
B 1.06 1.22 1.30 1.44
C 1.14 1.36 1.44 1.54
D 1.22 1.48 1.54 2.06
E 1.36 2.00 2.06 2.18
F 1.48 2.12 2.18 2.30


Band Kayak Men Kayak Junior Men Kayak Women Kayak Junior Women
A+ 2.15 2.45 2.40 3.00
A 2.30 3.05 3.00 3.20
B 2.45 3.30 3.20 3.45
C 3.05 4.00 3.45 4.20
D 3.30 4.30 4.20 4.45
E 4.00 5.00 4.45 5.15
F 4.30 5.30 5.15 5.45

National Paddle-Ability awards

Every year, at the September National Regatta, National Paddle-Ability Trophies are awarded. Details of these can be seen in the table below:



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