Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe International Panel Statement 30th April 2021

The Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe International Panel has released a further update ahead of the upcoming international competitions.

This statement is a follow up to the statement published on Tuesday 20 April ensuring the most up to date information is available.

It provides updates on the selected athletes for the upcoming World Cup, information regarding Junior, U23 and Senior team selection and an update on the Sprint and Paracanoe Senior European Championships.

For the full IP Statement, please click here.

  2021 Sprint Racing Handbook now available

The Sprint Racing Handbook includes the competition dates, the rules and regulations for sprint racing and marathon, and all organiser contacts and other useful information.

Hard copy

The printed handbooks for the 2021 Canoe Sprint season are now available. To order a copy of the handbook through the post, please email Cathy Wynne on with your postal address and make a bank transfer for £8 (£5 handbook + £3 postage) to:

Bank sort code: 20-19-95
Account number: 93457605
Account name: BC Sprint Racing Committee

Otherwise, you can pick up a copy at one of the National Sprint Regattas for £5.

PDF download

A downloadable version in PDF format is also available by clicking the link below.

     icon_pdf  2021 Sprint Racing Handbook

  Canoe Sprint & Paracanoe International Panel Statement – 9.4.2021

The Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe IP statement follows the previous statements of 12th February and 30th March and provides very important updates to the policy published in December 2020.

The covid-19 situation in Europe continues to increase uncertainty over the appropriateness and ability to attend early season International events if they go ahead at all. The IP continue to monitor the prevailing risks and landscape for competition and are grateful to the DCMS exemption which provides very strict criteria that if met is the only way that would currently permit a GBR team to attend International competition. The IP wish to provide updates on the April Regatta, the European qualifier and World Cup 1 selection, plus the Junior and U23 selection.

The full statement can be found on the link below.

    icon_pdf  Final Sprint and Paracanoe IP statement 9th April 2021

  Updated Bulletin and registration for April Selection regatta

An updated version of the bulletin, Bulletin 1b, has been issued for the April Selection regatta. The update contains additional and modified information compared to the original bulletin. Information which has changed since the original bulletin is highlighted in grey. Use the link below to see the bulletin.
    icon_pdf  Selection Event Bulletin 1b

Entries are now open until Sunday 28th March 23:00. Athletes must individually enter themselves using THIS LINK

The event is being run primarily to select Tokyo profiled athletes for Games Nomination and Quota Qualification at Continental/Global qualifiers and in order to minimise the risk of infection and transmission of Covid-19, the International Panel request that prior to entry, athletes and coaches consider whether Tokyo senior selection is a realistic aspiration at this stage or if athletes should wait to compete for Senior Worlds/junior/U23 selection in June or at a later regatta.

As part of the entry process, you will be asked to agree to the following documents. Please read these so that you understand how the event will operate.
    icon_pdf  Selection Event Opt-In Conditions
    icon_pdf  Selection Event Code of Behaviour Document

Athletes can attend with a maximum of one coach or essential support staff. In order to attend the regatta these individuals will need to register HERE.

  Information Bulletin for April selection event

In the light of ongoing regulations and guidance for the management of outdoor sporting events in the current Covid environment it is clear that the planned selection events will be held under very different conditions than those we are accustomed to for our usual National regattas.  An Information Bulletin has been issued for athletes, coaches and other support staff that identifies the ground rules that will govern the operation of the selection events.

It is vital that athletes and coaches who will be attending the selection events familiarise themselves with the contents of this bulletin. The full text is available on the link below.

    icon_pdf  Selection Event Information Bulletin 1


  Sprint Talent Update March 2021

Welcome to the March Talent Update.

It is with a growing sense of positivity and optimism that we can all at last begin to look towards a return to paddling as we welcomed the announcement last month of the government’s road map to recovery.

It was encouraging to read that from 29 March outdoor sport facilities will be allowed to reopen, and people will be able to take part in formally organised outdoor sports. We are still awaiting further guidance from the Department of Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) and Sport England on what this means and once this is published we will be working through what this means for our activity and any facility we access to ensure that we can begin to run England Talent Programme sessions as quickly as possible in a safe and controlled manner. More information and the Covid-19 mitigations in place governing these sessions will be communicated out to athletes through your programme coach or the Talent Covid Officer during this month.

This recent period has been hugely challenging for athletes, coaching staff and parents alike as everyone tries to balance conflicting priorities and demands. These last 12 months have been the challenge of a generation and one that we hope to never endure again. As a programme we are proud of all our athletes, their families and our staff in the way they have weathered the storm of the last year, showing grit, resilience and commitment throughout.

Best Regards,

Richard Ramsdale

  International Panel Statement – 12 February 2021

The International Panel (IP) released a statement on 12 February 2021 as an update to the selection policies for 2021 international events that was issued in December 2020. The updates relate to the revised approach for selection for international events given the likely continuation of the disruption to the selection programme by the Covid-19 pandemic for at least the early part of the season.

An important element mentioned in the statement is the need for Senior and Paracanoe athletes to register their interest in the selection process by 28th February 2021. Full details of the revised selection policies and links to the registration process are contained in the IP statement, available on the link below.

    icon_pdf  IP Statement 12 February 2021