Regatta Results System Update

You may have seen recent posts talking about a new Regatta Management System that your Team Leaders have been using to enter you into the regatta. Over the winter period a lot of work has been undertaken by the IT team and your Team Leaders to get that entries system ready.

In addition, we have a separate system that publishes the provisional results on your phone, tablet, laptop and PC through a website called  and that has been updated too.

The information on that service has been loaded manually by copying a file onto a memory stick and transferring the data to another PC to upload it to the internet. This has been done every 20 minutes or so, sometimes longer. It was the best we could do because we have not been allowed computer-connected access to the database at NWSC.

However, we recently successfully negotiated the right to connect one of our computers to the NWSC database and this now means we can run the updates to in pseudo-real-time. This is much better for you because you will get almost instant access to the results as they happen (just hit the Refresh button) and much better for the chap that had to run the manual process all day long for the 2 days of the regatta!!!

The new automated service has been built and tested as well as it can be, given that we have been unable to physically connect to, or be present at, NWSC. So, tomorrow morning will be the first time the new service is used for real. Hopefully it will work as intended but there maybe a few gliches, we’ll have to wait and see.

If the automated service performs poorly or fails then we will simply switch back to the manual service.

So, there are two potential issues this weekend:
  1. The service you get on may appear intermittent, and
  2. Sam Willis’ RegattaLive app  will not work when the automated service is running.

Once we are happy that the automated service is working properly Sam will update RegattaLive to read the new data feed. We will also then be able to start work on the ‘progression to finals’ module, which will publish the line-up for the final(s), following the contested heats, with the successful athletes and their lane number. This will avoid the need to go to the noticeboard in the main building. We’ll keep you posted.

If you spot any mistakes this weekend or would like to pass comment, please email me using

Kind regards

Trevor Kirkham
IT, Publicity and Media
Sprint Racing Committee

  Paddler Registration now open

To Team Leaders:

Paddler Registration for new paddlers has now re-opened. Please use your log-in for the Regatta Management System to access your club’s information. New paddler registrations should be made by selecting the following function and completing the required registration details:

Paddler details | Register new paddler

We will confirm new paddler registrations with you.

Any Sprint Club Team Leader that has not already received a secure log-in to the regatta entry system, please let us know by emailing

  New Buoyancy Ruling for 2017

Please be aware that the wording relating to boat buoyancy has been changed to help clarify what is required. The new wording, which comes into force at the April 2017 regatta, is now similar to the wording used for Marathon races:

“Boats must have sufficient buoyancy to float level with the water while supporting the crew when capsized. Boats inherent buoyancy must be supplemented by additional and visible fixed flotation material or by the provision of a sealed bulk heads”

Competitors and Team Leaders: Please ensure that all (your) boats are fitted with sufficient additional buoyancy to keep the boat and competitor afloat in the event of a capsize.