England Canoe Sprint Talent Programme 2020-21 Qualification Criteria

The 2020-21 England Sprint Talent Programme Qualification Criteria has been formally launched. The coaching group have invested a great deal of deliberation and thought in its development. The criteria is aligned to the WITTP model and presents an evolution of the previous year’s – reflective of both a raising standard and ambition for the programme. As per last year there are presentations planned throughout the season to ensure that the process, policy and criteria are understood.

The full details of the Qualification Criteria are available HERE

  Reorganisation of Women Masters athletes into 4 classes

Following a request and discussion during the 2019 season it has been decided to increase the number of Women Master classes from 2 to 4. The new classes will be Women Masters C (MVCK) and Women Masters D (MVDK), mirroring the current structure for the Men Masters classes. It is hoped that the new structure will encourage more Women Masters paddlers to enter National Competitions.

As a result of implementing the new structure, Women Masters paddlers with current MVAK and MVBK will be regraded for the start of the 2020 season. Existing MVAK paddlers will be regraded to MVBK, and existing MVBK paddlers will be regraded to MVDK. In the Standards for Sprint Racing table, Women Masters A and B would move to Bands 3 and 4 respectively, and Women Masters C and D would be added to Bands 5 and 6 respectively. The Sprint Racing Committee (SRC) has approved this proposal.

The Standards for Sprint Racing have been updated to include these additional classes and to allocate all four Women Masters classes to the appropriate bands. The revised Standards for Sprint Racing tables will appear in the 2020 Racing Handbook. Preview copies are available on the link below.

    icon_pdf  Revised Standards for Sprint Racing

  Separate Standards of racing for male and female athletes

During the 2019 season a trial was held using a separate table for Women’s and Girl’s Racing Standards from the Men’s and Boy’s table when determining promotions and demotions.  This approach reflected the difference in times averaged over a suitable time period. While not having any impact on selections, it’s adoption will make it easier for more Women and Girls to progress through the classes and into the A classes than previously. It will also lower the entry requirement for each class by approximately 3 seconds.  The times being used have been adjusted from the original proposal and do not 100% reflect the real difference between the upper (fastest) and lower (slower) bands as adjustment have been made for safety reasons to reduce the impact of the proposed  changes on the lower bands and the minimum entry standard to race at the National Regattas.  The Sprint Racing Committee (SRC) has approved the adoption of these times.  This trial will be closely monitored and reviewed at the end of the season.

There is now a separate table for Standards for Sprint Racing for the Women’s and Girl’s classes. The Men’s and Boy’s classes will have their own table. The new tables will appear in the 2020 Racing Handbook. Preview copies of both tables are available on the link below.

icon_pdf  Revised Standards of Racing tables

  New Junior Sprint classes – Boys and Girls Intermediate Kayak

We are replacing the existing BU12 and GU12 Classes with two new classes, Boys Intermediate Kayak (BIK) and Girls Intermediate Kayak (GIK).

These new classes will allow any U14 paddler who has not yet achieved the minimum time for Boys D Kayak (BDK) or Girls D Kayak (GDK) class events to race in sprint K1 boats at the National Regattas.  This trial will be reviewed at the end of the season.

Boys Intermediate Kayak (BIK) minmum 500m time = 2:46
Girls Intermediate Kayak (GIK) minimum 500m time = 2:59

Once paddlers in the new classes have achieved the qualification time for a Junior D class they will be promoted and no longer be allowed to race the BIK or GIK classes.

BIK and GIK paddlers will be allowed to race in D class crew boats as long as 50% of the paddlers in the crew boat are ranked individually as D class paddlers.

Note that, as a consequence of these changes, there will be no U12 classes at the Junior National Championship in April.

More details of the new classes can be found on the link below:

icon_pdf  Introduction for Junior Intermediate classes

  2020 National Regattas

The dates and focus for this year’s national regattas are as follows:

28-29 March 2020 Open and National Senior Championship Sprint Regatta includes Senior selection events for World Cups and Olympic qualifications
25-26 April 2020 Open and National Paracanoe & Junior Championship Sprint Regatta includes Junior selection events for Europeans and Worlds, and Paras selection event for the Olympics
6-7 June 2020 Open and National Under 23 Championship Sprint Regatta includes U23 selection events
4-5 July 2020 Open and national Masters Championship Sprint Regatta
5-6 September 2020 The Inter-Services Championships and Open and National Inter-club MacGregor Paddle Challenge Sprint Regatta

  England Development Programme – Training Event

The England Canoe Sprint Talent Programme are pleased to announce details of their forthcoming England Development Programme (EDP) training event.

8th and 9th February 2020 at Reading Canoe Club, The Warren, Reading RG4 7TH
Please note that no accommodation will be provided for athletes or coaches at this event.

Each camp’s provision will be themed around the 4-phase race model (see below) and sessions will be structured as stage and age appropriate for U14-U16 athletes for the relevant point in the season.

1 – Start technique
2 – Transition into Race Pace
3 – Race Pace
4 – Race Pace endurance

Camp provision will be structured to ensure that learning and development occurs between events. As such, it is highly encouraged that athletes should attend these events with their club coach as this will support the intended learning outcomes of these weekends and each EDP core event will include coach development opportunities. The Talent Coach Developer will be present at this training weekend to provide support to club coaches.

This weekend will be building on the FIRST WEEKEND with an emphasis on the 3rd phase of the Race Profile model, with a focus on maximising Distance Per Stroke.

Programme Purpose
The EDP is a new addition to the pathway for 2019/20, the intent with this programme is to help identify and support emerging club-based athletes who are primarily under 16 and who may be challenging for the GB Junior team in the next 2-3 years, as well as supporting these athletes’ coaches within the clubs. The full Eligibility Policy is available HERE.

How to sign up
Athletes and coaches are invited to register for the February Development weekend using the link HERE before 5th February 2020.

  Canoe Sprint National Junior Crew Boat Process – 2020

The National Crew Boat Process for 2020 has just been published. The aim of this process is to help identify and build the fastest crew boats possible from athletes across the Home Nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) in order for them to participate and compete in the 2020 Junior GB Team selection process.

This is a British process developed by the British Canoeing Sprint Home Nation Group which is separate from the International Panel and the 2020 Canoe Sprint Junior & U23 selection policy.

This Crew Boat process does not in any way determine or impact upon GB team selection, which remains an open process that any athlete or crew can enter (regardless of their participation or progression through this Crew Boat process).

The International Panel is responsible for all aspects of developing, approving and managing the implementation of the GB team selection policy, which is wholly separate from this Crew Boat process and in turn not the responsibility of the British Canoeing Canoe Sprint Home Nation Group.

Use the links below to view the Crew Boat Process and/or the full British Canoeing 2020 Canoe Sprint Junior & U23 selection policy

    icon_pdf  Crew Boat Process

    icon_pdf  2020 Canoe Sprint Junior & U23 selection policy