Regatta Officials

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All the people listed below are volunteers and are officials of the ICF and/or BC. Between them they make the national sprint regattas at Nottingham happen. Most of the officials are trained in a number of the roles and they might perform a different role at each regatta.

Regatta Chairman John Hoile
Regatta Vice Chair Phil Caisley
Chief Official Cathy Wynne
Regatta Treasurer Jane Turner
Regatta Secretary Wendy Dodson
Regatta Entries Cathy Wynne
New paddler registrations Kari Martin
Club colours Louise Clive
Volunteer Co-ordinator Ann Hoile
Officials Lee Bradshaw, Alan Burgoyne, Diane Bates, Peter Bland, Teresa Bland, Phil Caisley, Juliana Carson, Hannah Cawthorn, Louise Clive, Ian Creamer, Nigel Dixon, Wendy Dodson, Derrick Dobbie, Elizabeth Dobbie, Chris Dowden, Colin Drane, Paul Edwardes, Sara Edwardes, Judith English , Rosy Gray, Malcolm Guy, Brian Hardy, Carol Hardy, Michelle Hayman-Joyce, Linda Heath, Ann Hoile, John Hoile, Martin Hook, Emma Hooton, Colette Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Steve Jones, Gabor Kereszturi, Trevor Kirkham, Hannah Lawrence, Keith Lawrence, Clifford Lee-Smith, Jackie Lee-Smith, Hazel Lucas, Kari Martin, Mike Martin, Janice McKeever, Liz McGown, Adam Miles, Peter Moule, Clive Neale, Simon Nixon, Stephen Nobbs, Phil Roberts, Brett Sirrell, Keith Stone, Keith Sunderland, Phillipa Sunderland, Sarah Swallow, Philip Terry, Jane Turner, Mary Walkinton, Cathy Wynne
MacGregor Points Howard Smith
First Aiders Paul Carroll, Andy Cook, Faye Cook, Ruth Creamer, Debbie Ellis, Julie Hobday, Mark Pickering
ICF Officials Peter Bland, Teresa Bland, Paul Edwardes, Rosy Gray, Steve Jones, Liz McGown, Peter Morley, Peter Moule, Cathy Wynne

Are you interested in officiating and supporting our athletes?

The training of officials is a highly important area of our activities. Anyone interested in assisting at BC National Regattas is encouraged to come to sit alongside more experienced officials to learn what is involved. Through officiating at our own National Regattas, officials can progress to a standard where they become eligible to take the International Canoe Federation examination, thus becoming qualified to officiate at International Championships.

Further details from the Regatta Volunteer Co-ordinator, Ann Hoile: