Mini Sprint Regulations


  1. Paddlers must be under 12 on 1st January.
  2. Paddlers must be able to paddle a Lightning K1 over 500m in less than 4 minutes.
  3. Paddlers must have achieved at least the BC 2 Star or Paddle Explore standard.
  4. Paddlers will compete over 500 metres in Lightning K1, Hody-style K2 and Rocket K4 with heats and finals run and timed on the main regatta course.
  5. Paddlers must be entered in the correct category, which is based on time, not age.
    • Category A (LTA) – for paddlers that can complete 500m in under 3 minutes 30 seconds
    • Category B (LTB) – for paddlers that complete 500m between 3 minutes 30 seconds and 4 minutes


  1. Only Lightning kayaks are to be paddled in the K1 events.
  2. Clubs should bring their own Hody-style K2. If using a make other than a Hody please inform the Chief Official before the event.
  3. For the K4 events only Rocket K4s will be used. These are supplied by the SRC unless clubs are able to bring and use their own Rockets.


  1. The cost is per seat, exactly as other junior paddling categories.
  2. The Team Leader making the booking will pay for the whole K4, as with classes C and D.
  3. Requests to paddle with specific paddlers must be arranged between Team Leaders prior to the entry date. They will need to be entered together and it is the responsibility of the clubs involved to arrange who pays as this is not the organisers or the volunteer officials remit to sort out your payments.
  4. Further changes for entered crews may be made at the secretary’s desk providing all paddlers and Team Leaders are aware of the changes.


  1. Promotion from Mini Sprint Category B to A will be based on K1 500m times.
  2. Promotions from Category B to A will be done automatically in the June and September regattas. The best set of existing regatta points will be carried through and added to the paddlers July and September points.
  3. Promotion into Boys D and Girls D is based on normal regatta entry guidelines.
  4. No mini sprint paddler is promoted to the D classes without discussion with the team leader.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: When a paddler is too old to participate in Mini Sprints /Lightnings they are not automatically moved to D class. Paddlers must reach the required standard time for the Intermediate class or a Junior D class and be re-registered in the appropriate class. However, slower paddlers are allowed to paddle in crew boats but only with established D class paddlers.

Mini Sprint Cup

  1. Throughout the year points are accumulated from each event towards the Mini Sprint Cup culminating in the final, in September, where double points are awarded.
  2. Prizes are awarded to both male and females in each category and an overall club prize.
  3. National Regattas in K1, K2 and K4
    • First place scores 10 points, second place scores 9 points etc. down to tenth place where everyone after that scores 1 point, the total number of points scored across K1, K2 and K4 will be added together to determine the results at each regatta.
    • For the K2/K4 races the same points scoring system will be used i.e. the winning crew will receive 10 points each.
  4. Inter Clubs Regatta in K1, K2 and K4
    • First place scores 20 points, second place scores 19 points etc. down to twentieth place where everyone after that scores 1 point, the total number of points scored across K1, K2 and K4 will be added together to determine the results.
    • For the K2/K4 races the same points scoring system will be used, i.e. the winning crew will receive 20 points each.
  5. Team event
    • The points scoring system is based on each clubs best 2 regatta results scores added to their Mini Sprint Inter Clubs points score.


  1. Tiddlywinks will be awarded for first, second and third places in the K1 ‘Final 1’ only of each category and for the three fastest K2/4 crew in each category within the Mini Sprint series.
  2. Medals will be awarded to the overall series winners first, second and third boy and girl, and the Mini Sprint Cup, the Marsport Trophy, will be awarded to the club that has accrued the most combined category points.
  3. All participants will be awarded a Certificate each month they enter.

Mini Sprint overview

For an overview of these Mini Sprint events, see About Mini Sprints.


icon_pdf  Mini Sprint Series Team Leader Guide
icon_pdf  Mini Sprint Cup Rules