Report on 3rd London Canoe Sprint Regional Regatta

London Regatta 16th July 2017
Royal Albert Dock London Watersports Centre

The third regatta held at the dock in modern times saw yet again how welcoming the venue is to its visitors. With a £2m extension recently added the facilities provided the paddlers coaches and helpers with a solid base for the event held on Sunday last, 16th July 2017.

Using the SRC mobile timing equipment, recently acquired and updated, the paddlers from a small number of clubs enjoyed warm weather with a very light wind directly against them as they paddlers down the course. The fact that some regard the course as prone to wind again seems to be highly overblown! Seems its no more of a problem than anywhere else. Back wash? What backwash? The myth that the course there has problems with backwash hopefully has been dispelled. With all 9 lanes going there was no trace a problem.

The three events held over the last three years have experienced just the same conditions and produced good enjoyable racing for all the paddlers.
500m and 200m events were held and these finished with the flourish of a 4 x 200m relay.

Many thanks to all the paddlers from the following clubs: Wey, Reading, Maidstone, Longridge, Lee Valley, Chelmsford, Leighton Buzzard, Ealing, Holme Pierrepont and Addlestone, not forgetting Owen Sheppard [Regional Coach] who was there with his regional group to add to the fun.

The relatively small entry was a disappointment for the SRC whose plans for expanding the number of regional regattas seem to be a bit more difficult than originally thought. What was clear was that the SRC and Regatta Committee members who did the lions share of the organisation cannot organise all the regional regattas over the country as well as the National regattas at HPP. There needs to be some local club involvement and this point will be taken into the 2018 season planning.

There were delights though in the way all the helpers rallied round and produced a highly technical set of events and the reception from the Centre staff. Kassi, Simon and Julius the boat man at the centre pulled put all the stops to make is welcome and do that was necessary for a successful event. John Mac for his involvement as well as Mike Chandler and Russell Smith who went out of their way to make things go smoothly.

It’s inevitable that if all helpers were named some would be missed so thanks to everyone and especially the paddlers and we hope they all had fun.

Alan Laws
SRC Chairman