Second batch of clubs to access new RMS

For Sprint Club Team Leaders:

The second batch of secure logins were sent out to the clubs listed below yesterday afternoon.

If any Team Leader of a club listed below has not received an email, please email Phil Caisley on

If the Team Leader has passed the job on to someone else, would you please also contact Phil Caisley on to update him with the new Team Leader details.

Code Club
EAL Ealing Canoe Club
ELM Elmbridge Canoe Club
ERN Erne Paddlers
EXE Exeter Canoe Club
FLA Fladbury Paddle Club
FOR Forth Canoe Club
FOX Falcon (Oxford)
FOY Fowey River
GAI Gailey Canoe Club
GLW Glasgow Kayak Club
HEM Hemel Hempstead
HER Hereford
HPP Holme Pierrepont Racing Canoe Club

The next batch will follow soon.

Thank you

Cathy Wynne