Third batch of clubs to access new RMS

For Sprint Club Team Leaders:

The third batch of secure logins were sent out to the clubs listed below yesterday afternoon.

If any Team Leader of a club listed below has not received an email, please email Phil Caisley on

If the Team Leader has passed the job on to someone else, would you please also contact Phil Caisley on to update him with the new Team Leader details.

ICU Irish Canoe Union Adam Strevens
KCC Kilcullen Canoe Club Sinead Foley
KIR Kirkcaldy Canoe Club Margaret Chapman
LBZ Leighton Buzzard Canoe Club Kari Martin
LEA Leaside Canoe Club Luke O’Bryan
LKR Linlithgow Kayak Racing Club Derek Marshall
LIN Lincoln Canoe Club Ellen Doughty
LON Longridge Canoe Club Erika Hutchinson (Admin)
LOU Loughborough University Tracy Rees-Clark
MAC Macclesfield and District Canoe Club Andrew Millest
NMC North Merchiston Canoe Racing Club Oskar Bartusik
NOR Norwich Canoe Club Jan Alexander
NOT Nottingham Kayak Club Sarah Millest
PAN Pangbourne Canoe Club Sarah Westall
PEN Pennine Canoe Club Viv Kendrick

The next batch will follow soon.

Thank you

Cathy Wynne