Your opportunity to influence the membership review

A message from Robert Knott, Head of Marketing and Communications, British Canoeing
British Canoeing is going on the road this summer to present an update on the recent membership review and to discuss the proposals around changes to the membership programme.

As part of the new four-year strategic plan for the sport, 'Stronger Together, attracting new members to British Canoeing and improving member engagement and satisfaction is one of our key ambitions.

British Canoeing has been working with the sports agency Two Circles to deliver the membership review and support the organisation’s ambition to grow membership from 33,000 to 75,000 by 2021. The review also aims to improve membership satisfaction and retention levels.

Ahead of the roadshow, British Canoeing and Two Circles have provided headline information for members on the findings of the review, including:

  • Current membership demography – who is currently a member
  • Why do people have membership – including quotes from members
  • Feedback from research – membership survey and focus groups
  • Membership proposals – what would we like to do

The roadshow events will run through these areas in more detail and will provide an opportunity for members to ask questions about the proposals and provide feedback.

To view the membership review slides and sign up for one of the roadshow events please visit 'Your opportunity to influence the membership review at the British Canoeing Summer Roadshow on the British Canoeing website.

Thank you

Robert Knott
Head of Marketing and Communications