2022 GB Marathon Team Selection Policy

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The MRC International Selection Committee is pleased to announce three new members for 2022: Fay Lamph as the Athlete Rep, Paul Dimmock as a Voting Selector and Nanette Kelly as Chair of the Selection Committee. This follows Pete Wilkes standing down as Athlete rep and from the retirement of James Smythe who dedicated many years to this committee, most recently as Chair. We would like to thank Pete and James and welcome Fay, Paul and Nanette.

The British Canoeing Marathon Selection Policy 2022 reflects the ongoing international racing strategy and does not see any major shift from the last few years. Selections will be made from ongoing assessment events held across the spring and summer. Lead assessment events have been highlighted for each international and selections will be made and published throughout the year: see Section 3 of the policy for the full schedule of assessments, international events and selections. There are, however, two elements of note for 2022:

  1. The German Nationals team is pre-selected from the team selected for the French Nationals in 2021. Athletes wishing to take their place must race at the long course assessment on the 23rd April 2022. Any places released will be filled by selecting athletes from the same assessment race in April.
  2. The World Championships Selection is hoped to be made following the National Championships. In the absence of a confirmed date and venue, the policy has been published without this information. The means the tables in section 3.3 b) and c) contain “tbc” at the time of publishing. The policy and a statement will be issued when the date and venue are confirmed. Should a suitable National Championship event not be available, the Selection Committee will run a K1 and K2 assessment event in August. Notice of the dates and venue of this final element of the World Championship assessment will be given as soon as possible. See Section 3.1 (f).

If you have any questions and feedback around the policy, please do not hesitate to contact Nanette Kelly, the chair of the Selection Committee on marathon.selectors@vol.britishcanoeing.org.uk.

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Short Course National Marathon Championships 2022

The MRC is delighted to announce a new Short Course National Marathon Championships, to be held on 30th April 2022 at Gunwade Lake, Peterborough.

Those of you who have watched international racing recently will have seen how exciting and dynamic short-course racing can be. Richmond’s Lizzie Broughton has already claimed two World Championship medals at this distance.

Entries can be made here

Race details here

Current entries listed here

Des Capps

Sad news has reached us that Des Capps, of Windsor and District Canoe Club, has passed away.

These words are copied from a post by his son Duncan:

“My father Des Capps, a stalwart of the marathon racing scene and especially the veterans and masters events, died peacefully at home on 29 November just a few days after his 90th birthday after being ill for some months.

He completed DW a number of times and with Paul Mayhew held the veterans record for a time.

He was still involved with Windsor Canoe Club and was paddling well into his 80s.”

2021-22 Hasler Season starts

We are delighted to announce that the 2021-22 Hasler season has started, from 1st September. The inter-club Hasler competition and paddler qualification rules will re-start from the first races of this new season, with qualification towards the 2022 Hasler Final in September next year.

Hasler races will now be available to enter through the new Race Entry System

The start of the season will see one rule change: the first in-region boat in each division will earn 50 points (100 for K2s/C2s), with points decreasing by one for each position as usual. The reason for increasing the points is that some start lines see over 20 paddlers, so there will still be points to race for below this position. There will still be a 110% cut-off time, where paddlers outside this time will earn a single point.

An organising club and venue for the 2022 Hasler Final have been proposed – confirmation and announcement to follow.

“Standards for Racing” table – 2022 edition

Updated in 2022 with new sprint promotion and demotion times

The Standards for Racing table compares performances and times with Sprint and Marathon rankings, and the Handicap system.

It is used in the marathon race management system to guide promotions and demotions, with promotions to Div 3 and above decided by the MRC Rankings Officer, Roland Lawler. Coaches and paddlers can use it to understand and compare sprint and marathon rankings and potential performances.

Standards for Racing 2022