German Nationals and World Cup

German Nationals & World Cup Availability Forms

The availability forms are ready for the two spring internationals.  Due to the really tight turn around between the selection for these events and the date of travel, we need all the travel information up-front to allow for our team administration to be completed. This has resulted in the forms requesting significant information from each athlete. For the same reason, both forms need to be returned in full by midnight on the 18th April.

German Nationals: Link

World Cup: Link

If you have any questions on the availability form process, please contact Kat on If you have any questions about the selection policy/process, please contact Nanette, the Chair of Selectors, on

NB: An updated version of the Selection Policy is also now available here with the confirmed dates for the Nationals Championships & French Nationals. Amendments can be seen highlighted in yellow.

Long Course Assessment/WWR Selection Clash

We have become aware of a clash between the Long Course assessment on the 23rd of April in Norwich and the WWR Selection event that may affect a small number of athletes.  Please find below an update from the Marathon Selection Committee.

German Nationals:

For those athletes who wish to compete at the WWR Selection Event and therefore cannot attend the Long Course Assessment on the 23rd of April, we recommend the following course of action:

  • Email the Chair of the Selectors on: with your mitigating circumstances outlined.
  • It has been agreed that for these athletes, competing at the Short Course Assessment on the 30th April will be sufficient.

World Cup & World Games:

The selections for these two internationals will be made from the following assessment races: the Long Course Assessment on the 23rd April and the Short Course Assessment on the 30th April.  If an athlete is not able to attend the Long Course Assessment due to competing at the WWR Selection event, these athletes may submit mitigating circumstances to the Chair as per the process in 4.1 of the Selection Policy.  We strongly recommend that you refer to the details in this section of the Selection Policy to understand how it will be applied regarding considering your selection for either event.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to the Chair of the Selectors:

World Games Availability

We are excited that GB have secured a MK1 and WK1 place at the World Games in Birmingham USA on the 11/12th July 2022.

Due to the scale of the event, the organisers are requesting our athlete and staff long list imminently, and we can then reduce this to the short list of final selected athletes closer to the event.

This change in times has driven a change to the 2022 Selection Policy with regards to the availability and selection dates for this event, and the policy has now been updated to reflect this.  Please note the changes highlighted in yellow in sections: 3.1.e and 3.3.c.  The updated Selection Policy is here.

The overview is as follows:

  • Availability forms must be completed by COP 11th March:
  • Selections will be made WC 3rd May at the same time as the World Cup selections, following the K1 assessment and the Short Course National Championships in April.
  • Travel is likely to be 7th – 13th July.
  • If you wish to be taken into consideration for this event, you need to fill in an availability form by COP 11th March.  Please fill this in even if you may be likely to retract your availability prior to the selection date.  It is better to be on the long list than to miss out.  There will be NO possibility to accept late availability. No form, no selection!

Please fill your form in now: Availability Form

Support Staff Wanted for International Races

The MRC is seeking volunteer staff to support the GB team at its international races this year.

It’s a fun but tiring few days travelling with our best athletes, helping them achieve their best possible result. You will be an integral part of the team, helping in all sorts of ways like driving, general organising, drinks changes at portages, emotional support, and safeguarding. Teams are led by an experienced manager so new staff are well supported. All expenses are paid, and team kit provided.

For a further details, and a list of the international events, please click here Staff for International Marathon Races 2022

2022 GB Marathon Team Selection Policy

Download here

The MRC International Selection Committee is pleased to announce three new members for 2022: Fay Lamph as the Athlete Rep, Paul Dimmock as a Voting Selector and Nanette Kelly as Chair of the Selection Committee. This follows Pete Wilkes standing down as Athlete rep and from the retirement of James Smythe who dedicated many years to this committee, most recently as Chair. We would like to thank Pete and James and welcome Fay, Paul and Nanette.

The British Canoeing Marathon Selection Policy 2022 reflects the ongoing international racing strategy and does not see any major shift from the last few years. Selections will be made from ongoing assessment events held across the spring and summer. Lead assessment events have been highlighted for each international and selections will be made and published throughout the year: see Section 3 of the policy for the full schedule of assessments, international events and selections. There are, however, two elements of note for 2022:

  1. The German Nationals team is pre-selected from the team selected for the French Nationals in 2021. Athletes wishing to take their place must race at the long course assessment on the 23rd April 2022. Any places released will be filled by selecting athletes from the same assessment race in April.
  2. The World Championships Selection is hoped to be made following the National Championships. In the absence of a confirmed date and venue, the policy has been published without this information. The means the tables in section 3.3 b) and c) contain “tbc” at the time of publishing. The policy and a statement will be issued when the date and venue are confirmed. Should a suitable National Championship event not be available, the Selection Committee will run a K1 and K2 assessment event in August. Notice of the dates and venue of this final element of the World Championship assessment will be given as soon as possible. See Section 3.1 (f).

If you have any questions and feedback around the policy, please do not hesitate to contact Nanette Kelly, the chair of the Selection Committee on

MRC-Selection-Policy-2022 - Final

JDS Day – November 6 November

The next Junior Development Squad day is on Saturday November 6 at Holme Pierrepont, focusing on crew boat skills.  For more information and to sign up, please use the QR code on the poster.  These days are for both athletes and coaches, and are being run jointly by the MRC, SRC and BC’s Talent Department.

JDS November 2021