Changing Clubs – a reminder of the rules


Please note the rule to be followed with regards to changing club membership. In your own interest and in order for the database to be kept up to date, all changed must be notified to Graham Warland, Race records Officer.

The racing year shall be from 1st September of any year to 31st August of the following year. When a competitor is a member of more than one club, he shall declare before 1st September to the Race Records Officer of the Marathon Committee the name of the club for whom he will race the following racing year. When a competitor changes his club in mid season, he is permitted to compete for his new club, instead of his old, provided that prior consent of the old club is obtained. This consent shall not be withheld unreasonably, particularly in the case of a change of residence from one area to another. The agreed change must be advised to the Race Records Officer in writing before points can be allocated to the new club in club competitions.