European Championships & Sanabria K4 – June Assessments and Availability

Please find a link to the assessment form for the European Championships and Sanabria K4: Availability Form.

This form needs to be completed by 22:00 on 16 June.

In the absence of a completed form, it will be assumed that you are not available and therefore will not be considered for selection.

The two lead assessment races for this selection are taking place in June. Please find links to the entries for both below:

The selection meeting for these two internationals will take place following the K1/C1 assessment.  Please ensure that all mitigating circumstances are provided prior to, or immediately following, the K1 assessment. This must be done via email to the Chair of the Selection Committee.

Due to the tight turn around for the Sanabria K4, we have asked for all API information and would request that you inform us at the earliest opportunity if your availability has changed.

Please familiarise yourself with the Selection Policy found here

If you have about the forms or process please direct these to the Secretary of the Selection Committee, Kat Wilson:  Any formal requests must be sent to the Chair of the Selection Committee, Nanette North: