Risk Assessments

Clubs are required to complete risk assessments and submit them to the RMA in their region. These are forwarded to the MRC who collate them.

Two examples of good practice risk assessments can be found at the bottom of this document

After a number of requests for advice about completing Risk Assessments the MRC offer the following:

Firstly there is no “one size fits all” as the course, size of event and conditions/environment make each race very different. The MRC offer a structure in the form of a template to use as a starting place. This is downloadable here.

This may not be appropriate to all races although it gives some guidance about how to indicate levels of risk, the likelihood of risk and actions taken to avoid/reduce risk. Some clubs may already have generic Risk Assessments for activities at the club to use as a starting place. Some clubs already need to complete Risk Assessments for their race, to submit to Canal & River Trust, local authority or landowner. These may also be adapted provided they include the elements of severity, likelihood and action in their structure.

If clubs/organisers  are still unsure of where to begin, we include two examples of very different races. One of these is a large event and the other a small one. Reading through them may give some idea of the kind of risk you may also need to include in yours. Please remember that every race is very different, so there may be things you feel the need to include that these examples do not. Similarly there may be risks listed that don’t apply to your race. Treat these as starting places, or a source of ideas, but treat them respectfully as much hard work, experience and care has gone into producing them.

You are also reminded that from time to time you may receive requests for a copy of your risk assessment and it is MRC policy that these should be made available. For some clubs bringing young paddlers to races, especially where schools or youth groups are involved, this may be a requirement before they can attend your race.

Example 1

Example 2