The Geoff Sanders Trophy

The Geoff Sanders Trophy

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The Geoff Sanders Trophy is a series of races (“the Series”) in single and double junior racing kayaks for paddlers aged from 8 to 12 years. The boat used for singles races must be a Lightning- a stable, single, racing kayak. The boat used for doubles races must be a mini K2. Both the Lightning and the mini K2 are excellent, stable boats in which children can develop basic paddling and racing skills before moving into full sized racing boats. Both boats are also used in competitions at sprint regattas.

The Series is generally run alongside the Hasler Series and races for both singles and doubles are held at most of the regional Hasler races. Races are over distances of approximately 2 miles and are organised on an age basis in four singles classes – for boys and girls under 10 and boys and girls under 12 years – and two doubles classes – under 10 and under 12 years. The Series is an ideal way to introduce children to racing.

Points are awarded to each competitor and the Geoff Sanders Memorial Trophy is awarded at the Hasler Final race each September to the club that has gained the most points based on regional races plus the race held at the Hasler Final.

The organisers of races listed in the calendar will give you more details of their own races.
Juniors can also compete in Lightning races at the Marathon National Championships held each year. There are separate races for the four age groups mentioned above in which the competitors must race in a Lightning. Points are awarded to each competitor and the club that scores the most points is awarded the Spanish Galleon Trophy. Races at the National Championships are not part of the Series. There are no formal mini K2 races at the National Championships but race organisers may include a race outside the formal programme.


Rules for the Geoff Sanders Trophy

Rules applying to the Geoff Sanders Memorial Trophy (effective from 1 January 2011)

a) Race organisers of regional Hasler races are encouraged to include Lightning and Mini K2 races in their programme. These races will qualify for the Geoff Sanders Series in which teams compete for the Geoff Sanders Memorial Trophy. Races can also be run at other times as part of an inter-club event.
b) The Series will run from 1st September to 31st August the following year.
c) Races in the Series will not be awarded Hasler points.
d) Lightning races only will be included in the programme of the Hasler Final, but will not be used in scoring for the Hasler Trophy.

a) To qualify paddlers must compete in a Pyranha Lightning K1 or, in specified races, in a Mini K2 (maximum length 5.6m, minimum width 50cm).
b) Those who compete in K1 races in other craft will not be eligible for points. Race organisers will need to show these as a separate ‘Fun Race’ if they wish to include these craft.
c) Paddlers with a marathon ranking of Division 8 or above shall not be eligible to compete in the Series. (See rule 57)
d) Lightning races at the Hasler Final are open to all Lightning paddlers, whether their club has qualified or not.

a) The course shall be 2-4 kilometres in length with no hazards.

a) There will be four K1 classes in the Series: Boys under 10, Girls under 10, Boys under 12 and Girls under 12 and two K2 classes: under 12 and under 10.
b) All ages as at January 1st preceding each race.
c) Teams must inform the Series Coordinator (See rule 55) of the date of birth of each paddler.

a) Points shall be awarded in each class at each event with 20 points for the winner, 19 points for second and so on, down to 1 point for each paddler who completes the course.
b) Points shall be awarded in each class at the Hasler Final event, with 40 points to the winner, 38 points for second and so on down to 2 points for each paddler who completes the course.
c) Points are awarded in crew boats on a per seat basis.
d) Points shall be awarded to all paddlers in the Series irrespective of whether the paddler is out of region.
e) At August 31st each paddler’s three best scores from the season will be counted towards their team’s total. This will be added to the points won in the Lightning and Mini K2 classes held at the Hasler Final.
f) The winner of the Geoff Sanders Memorial Trophy will be the team with the highest score as determined in e) above.

a) Race organisers are encouraged to award prizes for the first three places in each class when holding a race. Marathon Committee certificates are available from Regional Marathon Advisors to give to all entrants, to encourage participation.
b) The Marathon Racing Committee will provide medals for the first three places in each class at the Hasler Final event.

a) Results of all races in the Series should be forwarded to Peter Jones, the Geoff Sanders Coordinator. Email: .

a) The wearing of life jackets or buoyancy aids is compulsory for all paddlers.
b) The requirements of Rule 5 must be observed in all respects.
c) Race organisers must conduct a specific risk assessment for Lightning and Mini K2 races and, taking into account their age and experience, provide adequate safety cover (e.g. rescue boats and signage) over the whole course where considered necessary.

a) The Geoff Sanders Series aims to introduce young paddlers into marathon racing but it is important that they do not remain too long in the class. Coaches and parents are best placed to decide when a junior is ready to race in the Hasler Series and the decision is for them to take.
b) As part of their long term development paddlers under 12 are encouraged to compete in Division 9 K1 or K2. However, should the paddler be promoted to division 8 or higher from either a K1 or a K2 race in the Hasler Series or at the National Championships, he / she will no longer be eligible to compete in the Geoff Sanders Series.

a) Lightning races are classed as Group C races: no race levy will be charged.
b) Paddlers who are not BCU members or not members of a BCU affiliated club with a registered youth section shall be issued with an Event Ticket to provide insurance cover. The BCU has agreed not to make a charge for the Event Ticket for Lightning paddlers.
c) To promote racing at this introductory level, the MRC recommends a standard entry fee of £2.50.